05.15.2017 09:52 PM

No one can say it better

…than this former senior advisor to Republican President George W. Bush. 


  1. doconnor says:

    To his credit, the Republican mainstream left him behind in 2010 when he was fired from the American Enterprise Institute. He voted for Clinton.

  2. MF says:

    Frum? Seriously? GW Bush should have resigned or been run out of town for the WMD malarkey. Followed by Frum.

  3. Kelly says:

    Clinton has become a neocon. That’s why Frum could vote for her. Frum represents the establishment voice of American empire. He and others like him speak for the corporate state that funds them. The corporate state that builds, runs and fills the private prisons thanks to the laws its think tanks write and the policies that have militarized the police forces that pull persons of colour off of the street or kill them outright. The corporate state that drop bombs on kids, on hospitals, on schools (by mistake!) and sells weapons to the most brutal regimes on the planet. The state that orchestrates coups, that bankrupt states. That lied to Gorbachev about not expanding NATO and aided the puppet Yeltsin. That leaves people hopeless. That created the conditions for the rise of Putin, ISIS and Trump. Many voters had nothing left to lose. The problems we have today? They were CAUSED by the people for whom the Bushes, Clintons and Frums of the world work.

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