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Trumpster fire

I know this is my new favourite quote because I’ve read it a billion times. 

10 Responses to “Trumpster fire”

  1. JKR says:

    Hope this quote is correct but…. Trump knows no limits and for that reason is dangerous.

  2. Pipes says:

    It’s a Nixon thing all over again…………probably same outcome.

  3. Gord Tulk says:

    If he did indeed ask comey to drop the investigation of flynn he should be impeached. There a probably a majority of gop senators and congressman who feel that way.

    A couple of points/questions that are unanswered:

    1. why did comey let this be leaked AFTER he was fired and why did he not act immediately if he thought trump was obstructing? HE was asked twice just last week if a special prosecutor should be appointed – if trump was obstructing he should have said “yes”. He did not.

    2. Normally an FBI agent’s notes are admissible as stand alone evidence in a trial. In light of point 1 that is not the case here. there will have to be solid corroborating evidence to make it actionable/impeachable.

    3. That comey is taking notes apparently of every meeting he has with politicians smacks of j. Edgar hoover and his “shit” files. Ben Sasse et al are already demanding that ALL of those notes going back to his hiring be released to the appropriate senate and house committees. PS- the dems DO NOT want that.

    4. Lest anyone be misled – the dems and the MSM DO NOT want trump impeached. They are raising boatloads of cash and ratings. they want this to fester until at least after the mid-terms.

    5. the GOP on the other hand would be fine with an early and quick impeachment IF Trump did indeed try to obstruct. That plus the surely very damaging stuff that likely is in those Comey notes on the Dems will make 2018 with president a stable, trusted president Pence a rout of the Dems especially in the Senate. And the spectacle of a impeachment vote led by the GOP with the Dems voting “no” is inconceivable.

    • Warren says:

      The Senate will ask Comey that. I assume his answer will be he did not regard it as fully constituting obstruction of justice. And he’ll say the House needs to decide if he was right.

      • Craig says:

        It is also possible that Comey viewed this discussion as a part of the overall investigation that had not yet concluded, and intended that it would be disclosed as part of the outcome of the investigation, rather than in dribs and drabs. When he was canned, it may be that he or others decided to leak it to make it harder to de-rail the investigation (or I suppose purely to undermine Trump, lots of potential reasons).

      • Gord Tulk says:

        That he didn’t come forward with it immediately really decreases its weight. I wish comey didn’t have such a messiah complex and would have let justice make decisions on wether to prosecute or not both on this issue and on the serial alleged criminal acts of HRC.

        • doconnor says:

          What do you mean come forward with it. Do you expect the FBI to make an announcement every time they find a new piece of evidence? (Like they did with Clinton)

    • Ted H says:

      Gord, the answer is in that old Ry Cooder song “Never Make Your Move Too Soon”

      • Gord Tulk says:

        I didn’t know anyone considered Ry Cooder an expert on evidence of obstruction. Most Canadians don of understand how much more serious a crime obstruction is in the US compared to Canada and the rest of the British commonwealth. The constitution puts it right up there close to treason. That’s why the GOP which is far more interested in the rule of law than the progressive Dems who believe that only laws that they agree with should be enforced is more likely to go after trump on obstruction- if proven – than the Dems. And it’s why they are more upset about comeys tardiness than the Dems.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This cookie makes it incredibly hard, if not impossible, for the Senate to acquit at trial. My guess is that for the good of the country, it will never get to trial. We’ll see all sides of the Congress maximizing pressure for a quick resignation.

    I don’t think Trump has the stomach to fight this one out, to the already conceivable bitter end. There simply is no favourable exit strategy for him. Might as well go, and go quickly.

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