06.08.2017 11:06 AM

Holy. Shit. 


  1. Michael Bluth says:

    Gord, don’t bring a reasonable analysis to the discussion. It’s all bashing Trump all the time here. Get with the program.

    • Elsie Marley says:

      “Reasonable analysis” appears beyond our Gordie’s capabilities; but it seems he’s got turd polisher completely aced.

  2. Daryl gordon says:

    Notice the dead silence re: Clinton tarmac meeting with AG Lynch which in turn led to the very real Clinton investigation being stonewalled and labeled “the Clinton matter”. Meanwhile compliant media blasts out “Trump under active investigation” ad nauseum.

    Let’s watch what comes from the unmasking and illegal leaking currently being looked at. Many questions , who killed Seth Rich (disgruntled Sanders supporter, leaked Democratic documents), what is Susan Rice’s roll in the unmasking, why did the DNC not permit the FBI to examine the compromised server, instead using a private contractor with Democratic links and finally where was HRC when the election results came in and why did she not man up and address her supporters and the nation?

    Instead it’s all Russia, all the time.

  3. the salamander says:

    .. a reasonable response.. especially as Comey knows any other response will be followed by request for specific examples or evidence.. any of which might be used in future impeachment or litigstion.. or end up in history books.

    This is a classic as it involves classified information, processes and humint resources (human intelligence resources). The public will never be fully informed. Dark areas & cellars of highly restricted process will be hinted at. At some point, perhaps The Donald will wander off shouting and snouting.. lining up publishers & attempting to salvage a timy vestige of his tainted toxic and ridiculously stupid ‘Brand’ – perhaps he’ll some day be eulagized by cronies.. but the reality is .. he’ll go down as a historic & hysterical fool and a crook.. a runaway boat anchor that tore the bottom out of the rotting hulk known as the Republican Party

  4. Matthew says:

    Lol, well I am 90% sure he will answer it in closed session, and I would be quite surprised if we do not have the details shortly thereafter.

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