06.20.2017 07:52 AM

Is the Mayor of Peterborough in a big conflict with that casino?

I have heard very, very troubling things. This, for example, is extraordinary and pretty damning.

The good folks at the Peterborough Examiner asked him, straight out:

Councillors didn’t debate the prospective sale in public – that happened in closed session. But they did vote unanimously on the plan in the open meeting. Mayor Daryl Bennett voted too.

Bennett is a director of a numbered company that owns the Liftlock Group of companies, which owns land nearby at 728 Rye St.

But in an interview following the meeting he said he doesn’t stand to benefit from the sale.

When asked by The Examiner why he did not declare a pecuniary interest, he said he was “a bit offended” by the question.

“What are you talking about? It has no benefit to me whatsoever,” Bennett said of the property sale.

It’s not national news, but I intend to make this a focus of this little web site for the next while.

Something stinks in Peterborough.

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