06.07.2017 10:48 AM

JDL arrests in Kevin Metcalfe case

The video showing the assault on Kevin here. Update from Kevin here:

So I just wanted to provide an update on the assault case I’m involved in.

I just got off the phone with 52 Division and can confirm pending charges against two individuals: member of the Jewish Defence League Max Bocknek, and a previously unknown individual, Michael Smith.

Bocknek is currently being processed at 52 Division and Smith has been issued a summons to turn himself in to the local police in his community. This will be converted into a warrant if his voluntary appearance is not forthcoming.

It’s been a rough ride personally and as you can see from the chart – four involved parties are still on the street. I can confirm that more charges are pending and will provide updates when those are available.

Thank you to everyone who has expressed support over the last month and I hope you all rest a little easier knowing that there will be a smaller number of these violent cultural supremacists at rallies in the coming months.

Also, if you’re a member of the public who can identify the ‘unknown’ (top center) in my attached rogue’s gallery it would be greatly appreciated. ┬áKevin


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