06.19.2017 09:12 AM

Rebel Media on Finsbury: we’ll let the neo-Nazi speak for us

Robinson is a long-time white supremacist. He’s also a Rebel Media correspondent. The “English Defence League,” which he founded, has always been unashamedly neo-Nazi.

Why do Andrew Scheer’s senior people have anything to do with this insanity?


  1. Pierre D. says:

    Scheer associates with them because there’s a significant portion of the CPC base that, if not truly white supremacist, associates with the “Old Stock Vibe” that is prevalent in the party and its base. The “I’m *Canadian* because I’m born here and my ancestors were born here” crap.
    Newsflash, dildos, I can trace my ancestry to the first on the boats into QC, but it don’t mean shit if I don’t lead an open, respectable, proper, law-abiding life. And my ancestry doesn’t mean a damned thing in day-to-day affairs. It’s just…a mark on a piece of paper.
    The CPC will need to lose hard in the next federal election for their to be any change; Journal de Montréal crank Richard Martineau is even claming Caroline Mulroney will replace Scheer….

  2. Eric Weiss says:

    Robinson is also a fraud and a felon. But he hates the right people, so that’s all that matters to the bigots at The Rebel. And since he’s unemployable anywhere else, and The Rebel is broke, I bet he comes cheap.



  3. Miles Lunn says:

    He also is not representative of mainstream British opinion. He supports the far right BNP who are all but banished and even their somewhat less in your face UKIP only got 1.8% of the popular vote. Both the Conservatives and Labour Party in the UK want nothing to do with him and his ilk. As for the rebel media, Rona Ambrose was right when she called them nutcases. The party needs to dissociate with them as only an angry minority share their views.

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