06.27.2017 12:01 PM

Trump: making America hated again

Just extraordinary findings by the Pew people. 

Someone said to me last night: “I hate America.” I was astonished this person, in particular, would say such a thing. 

Apparently they’re not alone. 


  1. P. Brenn says:

    Hate is strong word …as a Canadian with american relatives , who visits the US a lot, who works for an employer that spends all its money and profts in Canada but sells millions of dollars into the US ..I am glad the US is considered a friend and is our neighbour.

    I do hate ISIS and their ilk.

    I think Canada is best country in world…we not perfect either and I hope others do not hate us for that.

  2. Matthew says:

    Yes, this is different from past Republican Presidents. They all get scoffed at, but for the first time, most people outside the USA have taken him at his word that he has it in for everybody. Most alarmingly, the American People are in fact with him on this strange journey. These numbers underscore the end of the American Century. The American friendship is politically toxic, unless you are in Kenya, Tanzania, Philippines, Nigeria, Israel, or Russia. Wow, it lasted 100 years, almost exactly. Their empire was a measly 100 years duration. The US cannot undo this thing. Now the World will chart a new course. It will be poorer, and more dangerous for us here in Canada. Oh well, better get on with it.

  3. Mario says:

    The world can hate the US all it wants, the US will simply takes its ball and go home.

  4. Eric Weiss says:

    I agree. AmeriCa is a rogue nation that is no longer a reliable, friend, ally or trading partner. They’re a more muderous nation than Russia, North Korea and Iran combined. Most of the worlds problems can be traced back to their Imperialism. And I felt this way before Trump came along. His assent to POTUS just solidified my opinion.

  5. Charlie says:


    Look at those Sweden numbers and compare them to the Russia numbers.

    This graphic confirms how ass backwards this world has become.

  6. Sean McLaughlin says:

    À chacun ses goûts, but I don’t think hate is the right feeling. I pity Americans these days. A bunch of people who were desperate for many legitimate reasons–stagnant wages, a healthcare system that doesn’t really work, the opioid epidemic, deteriorating race relations, 16 years of war without end or prospect of victory, and so on–allowed themselves to be deceived into voting along with internet trolls and selfish tax cut Republicans for a demagogue who will do nothing to fix any of their worries. The antiquated Electoral College has put two reckless, unpopular Republicans in the White House against the will of the people in recent years and Congress is set up in a manner that gives a disproportionate amount of representation to the most conservative rural parts of the country. Americans will take a sober look in the mirror and right the ship, or they’ll lose their place as a global leader. The clock is ticking.

  7. Joe H says:

    I do not hate America. I do not hate the American people. I am more astonished that have let their political system become so utterly broken and useless to allow such a person as Trump to become their president.

  8. P. Brenn says:

    Good thing we have well funded and well equiped armed forces to defend our borders with state of the art planes, ships , subs and our IT infrastructure is solid to defend against cyber attacks…

  9. David Ray says:

    Whatever happened to American
    These here United States
    The country we were taught to love
    the one the world has learned to hate

    some pop star cuts her hair
    everyone stops, everyone stares
    66 dead in a Baghdad square
    nobody sees, nobody cares.

    all for now

  10. Matthew says:

    look at the numbers for Turkey. They are even worse in the main report, it is not just Trump that Turkey hates, they hate everything American it seems. Looks like Erdogan is not posturing after all, he is responding to popular opinion, like it or not. How will NATO deal with it if Turkey bails on the alliance?

  11. Tom Harry says:

    Trump is indeed a moron and will bring the world to brink of war. He should be impeached now.

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