07.11.2017 11:47 AM

But his emails!


  1. David Ray says:

    Wait a sec W. Who sends an unencrypted email to someone like this. Is there a data trail? What server was it sent from? Worse, who would respond in the same way AND keep the emails and agree to meet someone they don’t know. This feels like a Nigerian phishing scam or are the Trumps really really this stupid. OK they really are this dumb. I really think this will become a play or a musical comedy.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Remember when Hillary said she was doing OK — and that the Chardonnay helped? Might just be the ticket for Don Jr., now that HE has server woes.

  3. PJ says:

    Well I guess Trump Sr can’t go around saying the Russia story is fake news and just sore loser Democrats trying to explain how they lost.
    But the Trump team are clearly rank amateur political strategists who didn’t have a clue on how to get this information without apparently incriminating themselves.

    It begs the question, when President Trump asked James Comey to swear loyalty to him and shut down the investigation into Mike Flynn’s Russia connection was he really trying to protect his son, son-in-law and himself?

    Finally, how much are Republican House members and senators prepared to tolerate before they finally decide that the Trump Whitehouse’s conduct is unbecoming of the Presidency?

  4. Mario says:

    Obama administration knew about the Russian hacks and did nothing because they thought it would help the Democrats and political expediency.

    Hard to pin it on the Trump campaign when all the emails from the hack were dumped publicly.

    • Charlie says:

      I’m sorry, but you’re an idiot.

      1. Obama administration didn’t opt to “do nothing” because it would help the Democrats. Their decision to hold back on concise action was to avoid the charge of interference in an election where one stupid-fuck candidate was already claiming (without evidence) the process to be rigged.

      2. Dumped publicly? Are you brain dead? “Oh, oops. I’m just going to steal all this money from your house and leave it on your neighbours front porch; not his fault if he or the mailman takes it”. What an insanely stupid defence for the Trump team’s behaviour. Its unambiguously obvious that the Trump campaign was interested, and in this case, acted upon being the direct beneficiaries of dubious information.

      3. Donald Trump fucking asked Russia to hack Hilary.

      Go crawl back into your MAGA cave, you’re not competent enough to prompt discussions with others.

    • PJ says:

      Actually Obama wanted to issue a bi-partisan rebuke against Russia but Mitch McConnell refused.
      McConnell told Obama GOP will accuse Democrats of playing politics if Obama rebuked Putin unilaterally.
      Beyond that you can’t blame Obama for Trump acting like Putin’s bitch.

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