07.06.2017 07:53 AM

CBC-TV arrogantly thought it could handle a far-Right leader. It got handled, instead.

And it isn’t just me saying so. As HuffPo noted, your interview went completely “off the rails.”

Is it within your mandate to give an uncritical platform to a wasted hater like McInnes, who has written on The Rebel’s web site about how he hates Jews, calls blacks “monkeys,” calls himself “anti-Semitic,” says Jews should “get over” the Holocaust, and authors essays titled “I’m Not a Racist, Sexist, or a Homophobe, You Nigger Slut Faggot“? Is it?

No, it isn’t.  Get your heads out of your asses, The National and Power and Politics.

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  1. John Baglow says:

    The prime quote from McInnes: “Jews are ruining the world with their lies and their money and their hooked-nose, bagel-eating faces.”

    This is what the CBC is now mainstreaming and enabling. Next on PnPCBC: “Did it really happen? We’ll be interviewing historian David Irving, whose says there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz. Be sure to watch ‘The Holocaust Controversy,’ with Hannah Thibedeau.”

  2. Mister Canoehead says:

    If you’re going to wrestle in the muck, you’re going to get dirty. Send in someone who is up for the job, not someone who is going to be gobsmacked when a racist says something racist.

  3. JH says:

    The problem is most CBC journalism has become advocacy journalism, soft as shite, with absolutely no direction from editors. Hard-hitting, fair & balanced, for the most part, are unknowns in the CEEB’s politically correct world. It’s actually strange we saw this interview at all & probably shouldn’t have, except it was a slow news day. Normally we see the ones like the Khadr story, where a sympathetic talking head is interviewed afterwards to continue to promote the CBC take on the issue. WK I’m sure you’re old enough to remember when its’ journos, hosts and interviewers excelled at well-researched, grounded, balanced presentations of the events of the day. That’s a far cry from what we see now.
    PS is it really so surprising when we more and more CBC types all the time running off to work for Liberal Cabinet ministers & politicians in general? Often these same people were supposedly covering ‘even-handedly’ the pols in question 2 weeks before. There’s just no way we can trust this kind of journalism to be accurate and factual.

  4. P. Brenn says:

    what is the CBC ..certainly not my go to source for any balanced news..there is a reason for its ratings drop off…this was shameful but not surprising…

  5. Charlie says:

    Its nuts; I thought the exact same thing as I watched a portion of the interview (which I then proceeded to turn off, cuz fuck Gavin Mc-Whiney-Little-Bitch).

    Honestly, I don’t know what the hell these producers at CBC expected to happen. Either they are implicitly trying to replicate the CNN model of bringing these loud-mouthed assholes to try and boost viewership with drama, or they are incredibly stupid to believe someone with the legitimacy of Alex Jones should be given undeserved air time on a national news network.

    These guys already have YouTube to spout their dumbassery, they don’t need to be broadcasted into the public through the mainstream media too. I don’t even understand what the logic behind interviewing this douchebag was. He’s not the goddamn spokesman for these men: so long as they’re are serving in the Armed Forced, the military command speaks for them. If these guys had been wearing white sheets, would the CBC interview David-fucking-Duke for his take?

    Holy shit.

    This was a public broadcaster wasting valuable airtime in amplifying the views of an infinitely irrelevant group. Then the media asks how these groups have grown.

  6. Willian S. says:

    Bitter Harvest

    Nasty for sure, but expected from Vice degenerates e.g. “Three current or former Vice journalists told the Post that a former Vice editor offered each of them $10K to carry cocaine hidden in the lining of suitcases from Las Vegas to Australia”. Anything goes over there. And when anything goes, anything can happen.

    Weirdly, McInnes’ spouse is an American-Indian – Manhattan-based publicist and consultant Emily Jendrisak. Weirdly, Rebel Media was founded by an ultra-zionist Jew. The precedent: 1940, Lehi initially sought an alliance with Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany, offering to fight alongside them against the British. Their inspiration was the IRA. There is simply no moral anchor to Zionism – or any ethnic nationalism.

    McInnes fawns over Milo Yiannopoulos. The link here is both are apparently staunch Catholics (McInnes is member Knights of Columbus). Many on the far-right are staunch Franco-loving Catholics e.g. Kevin Michael Grace. Many on the far-right are deeply conflicted, self-loathing, closeted homosexuals. “Vatican police ‘break up drug-fuelled gay orgy at home of secretary of one of Pope Francis’s key advisers’” Institutionalized pederasty.

    McInnes is simply the latest dope-addled, rotten fruit of old, corrupt trees. Liberals wanted cynical Vice hipsters, Zionism, sexual deviancy, a Catholic renaissance and all the rest. Rotten!

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