07.20.2017 09:59 AM

Highly-scientific poll™: on the GG touching the Queen

to prevent her from bouncing down the stairs, that is.  The still GG, not the one presently in the crosshairs of Kevin Donovan.


  1. the salamander says:

    .. erp ..
    You left out Give Her Majesty A Shove
    To Help Her Majesty On Her Way
    On A Dreadfully Slow Newz Day.. eh

  2. Kevin says:

    I don’t know. Her madge is strong as an ox. I imagine she’d turn a fall into a shoulder roll and dismount, and come up with her arms flung wide and doing a toe point. It’s all the practice she gets on the lawn out back of the palace.

  3. Cath says:

    you left out “On a slow news day you make a big deal about nothing” cuz we’re at the beach. No one gives a poop.

  4. Wolfer says:

    Confirmed: Jeremy Wade Delle had brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. http://www.hockey-sweater.com/2017/07/what-did-pearl-jams-jeremy-really-look.html

  5. P. Brenn says:

    ..hire someone to measure the force of the touch..did he guide, grab , pinch, my spies tell me he also grabbed her majesties wallet out of here purse as he distracted her..now thats the real story..

  6. Matt says:

    Re the GG designate Julie Payette and the Donovan story:

    Haven’t Trudeau and the PMO really brought this on themselves by refusing to answer even the most basic question of “Were you aware of this before offering the GG position to Ms. Payette?” about her assault charge?

    It looks like they are trying to cover something up.

    So, that peeks the interest of the media and now we get this story of Ms. Payette killing a pedestrian 4 months before her assault incident. And with Donovan finding that, other media are going to be digging deeper.

  7. Charlie says:

    What an antiquated and outdated protocol. Guaranteed to be the first thing the new King does away with.

    On another note:

    You have one leader who can’t be touched; another who grabs em’ by the pussy.

    Ba Dum Tsst.

  8. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    It’s open season on Payette for tar and feathers and she deserves better than that. There is no there, there. I think the DA’s office got it right on both counts.

    And because assholes will be assholes, an application is before the court to seal her divorce records. In Quebec, we have the good sense to seal all family law and divorce proceedings. Our assholes have to come up with another kind of stick.

  9. Ray says:

    It could’ve been worse. Much worse.

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