07.12.2017 12:44 PM

I cheer for the apes

As has been the case since I was eight years old and living in Texas, I will be cheering for the apes.

Also, I am cancelling a fun weekend trip to be at the first showing on the first day.

Yes, I have problems.


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    James Smith says:

    Hope you invest in a little CANCON & see it in IMAX
    Pity the part of Dr Zaius didn’t go to another ape; the “Free World” might look a whole lot different today

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    Kelly says:

    When I was a kid my mom wouldn’t let me watch the TV shows because, “they say we came from monkeys”. Of course it made me want to watch all the more . . . and later on I watched every episode on DVD as well as every movie. I will keep watching every movie. I even read the original book.

    I have always cheered for the apes, too. I even made a pilgrimage to the California coast just north of Malibu where Charlton ” My cold dead hands” Heston pounded sand for real.

    I’m I’ll as well, it seems. I still love the look of the TV shows best . . . the rubber masks, smock like clothing and the “ecotopian modern” architecture.

    “The forbidden zone was once a paradise and your breed .are a desert of it.” We appear to be well on the way to turning Dr. Zaius into a prophet.

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    David_M says:

    You can cheer for the Apes
    but they lose too

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