07.12.2017 08:18 AM

Now on HuffPo: my stirring defence of Trudeau and Alberta


Key quotage:

None of the Conservatives who leapt on Trudeau’s gaffe — Jason Kenney, Brian Jean, Michelle Rempel, et al. — were nearly as outraged as they claimed to be. They were, as politicians do, taking political advantage of a rival politicians’ slip. It was a mistake, to be sure. But not a career-ending one.

Albertans (where I grew up) are like Quebecers (where I was born). They see themselves as a distinct society: part of Canada, but arguably better than the rest of Canada. As such, when the offered the opportunity, they will never hesitate to moan that they have been harmed and humiliated and hurt. It’s in the genes.


  1. Sean Cummings says:

    I’m from Alberta. People need to dial it back.

  2. Kev says:

    Shhhh no one tell Warren about Newfoundlanders.

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