07.13.2017 09:09 AM

These are the men in Donald Trump’s inner circle

Now we know why he pays female Russian hookers big bucks for golden showers.



  1. Ted H says:

    Wow, those are three of the fugliest mugs I’ve ever seen, even Trump himself is reasonably passable by comparison.

  2. David Ray says:

    I always thought “Moscow on the Hudson” was a movie. Guess not. Sad.

  3. Raymond says:

    Hmm…I always wondered what happened to Deep Purple.

  4. patrick says:

    They are a collection of rancid men with multiple failed marriages, bitter and resentful families and even with some notoriety and financial success deep down know that no one really loves them. Their self delusions of greatness and intellectual acuity are shockingly not appreciated by the world at large and when placed in a position of power become self serving tyrants who are contemptuous of the people they serve and are willing, if not wanting, to burn the world to a cinder if they don’t get their way

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