08.14.2017 08:15 PM

A rebel founder quits the Rebel rebellion

My friend Brian Lilley, who has been with the Rebel since the start, says he can’t take it anymore – here.

I am told (not by Brian) that the final straw was that lunatic Faith Goldy, in Charlottesville, promoting the words of Richard Spencer – who, you know, is one of the leaders of the American neo-Nazi movement.  Or going on about how the Nazis have “well thought-out ideas” about the “Jewish question,” here.

Brian may be a conservative, but he simply got fed up with the racism and the anti-Semitism that had become a huge part of the Rebel’s offering. 

Kudos to you, Brian. 


  1. Sean McDonagh says:

    Good to see you on the news Warren and well done on your warning people of these racist organisations popping up trying to reinvent themselves. One you missed is the JDL who are currently opening chapters in Vancouver and Toronto. They are deemed a terrorist organisation in the USA and we don’t need them here! Please add to your list……………….thanks SMD

  2. Eric Weiss says:

    It took him this long to come to the conclusion that The Rebel was racist and batshaite crazy? I always liked Lilley, and was always disappointed he associated himself with that “media” group. There are opportunities sane, moral and ethical conservative voices to get their message out.

  3. Charlie says:

    So, I’ve always sort of been confused with Brian Lilley’s association with Rebel Media.

    Yes, he is a steadfast conservative, with an undeniable bias against more mainstream/liberal views. But even by those standards, he seemed out of place with Ezra and the other fucking lunatic, Twitter personalities-turned reporters.

    Lilley tended to at least try and follow traditional journalistic practices whereas his group made its mark by being intentionally indifferent to reality.

    His departure is huge, whether we appreciate it or not. It marks a dark turn for that group which has scooped up the most fucking insane, attention whores from the scummiest corners of Twitter, who are willing to say anything to get a rise out of people. For Brian Lilley to turn around and say, “holy shit, this is way too far” speaks volumes of how these cereal box journalists are conducting themselves.

    Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Ezra Levant himself of Jewish heritage? How does he square the blatant anti-Semitism of his own employees with that?

    • Eric Weiss says:

      I never saw much anti-semitism besides mcInnes and his “Why I Hate Jews” BS, and I actually do give the benefit of the doubt after I watched it as a drunken attempt at being sarcastic. Cons aren’t known for being terribly good at sarcasm or comedy. The site is pretty staunch in its support for Israel and against anti-Israel boycotts.

      That doesn’t begin to make up for their barefaced Islamophobia and anti-Muslim bigotry though.

      As a small-c conservative I kept an eye on The Rebel, and hoped it would be like SunTV News, which I didn’t always agree with, but they had some good journalists and I appreciated a conservative voice. But when The Rebel went full blown Breitbart threw all journalistic norms out the window, and started embracing the likes of Faith Goldy, Tommy Robinson, and Milo, I turned away in disgust.

  4. Sean says:

    I’m sure after this weekend, a line has been drawn in the sand by all “normal” media that you can’t appear on the Rebel and expect to be asked to appear on any radio or TV station owned by Bell, Corus, Rogers, etc.

    Probably the only decision Lilley could make if he wanted to maintain any shred of respectability. He was the last quasi-sane person left on that channel. Now it can just be a full-fledged freak show, and Ezra can start hawking supplements.

  5. Tim Sullivan says:

    Brian Lilly is the guy who cut off your mic. So much for free speech and hospitality. Wishing Rebel Media well in his departure notice is more respectful than how he treated you.

    And his audience.

    And whatever message he is trying to send to distance himself from Rebel Media.

  6. Bill Templeman says:

    Re Faith Goldy’s deranged babble, and similar rants by Gavin MacInnes and others at the Rebel, can’t any of these pearls of insanity be tested by Canada’s hate speech laws? Or do you have to explicitly advocate the harming of an identifiable community to be charged? Sorry, I am not a lawyer so all these matters are a bit opaque to me. The “JQ” meme surely must be coming close, no?

  7. Kinsey says:

    Would Lilley have disassociated himself with Rebel if the events in Virginia last weekend didn’t result in a tragic death?

    He makes Ted Baxter from “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” seem like Edward R. Murrow – a reference that’s probably utterly lost on him.

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