08.14.2017 01:54 PM

About that alt-Right event at U of T, and related events


U of T insists it isn’t happening. I hope, for U of T’s sake, that is true.  Because not a few of us were going to be on hand to peacefully (but loudly) oppose it.  Worth keeping an eye on.

In the meantime, I’ve been on AM640, 1310 News about the rise of the far Right in Charlottesville and beyond – and I’ll be on CFRA, Sirius XM and CBC TV News later tonight.  (All consider the publication of X: Recipe for Hate to be timely.  I wish that wasn’t so, but I think they’re right.)

The Beast is awake.  We live in dangerous times.

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  1. Dan Calda says:

    Sell mucho copy.
    Timing is perfect…no?
    RIP Heather.

    Maybe hyperbole…but this feels different. This wasn’t some poor black kid…etc.
    This was a beautiful young lady…slaughtered.
    Maybe wishful thinking…but I believe this may awaken America.

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