08.03.2017 07:19 PM

Should’ve fired Mueller when you had the chance, Agent Orange

But now it’s too late, Unpresident:

Washington (CNN) Justice Department Special Counsel Robert Mueller has issued grand jury subpoenas related to Donald Trump Jr.’s 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer at Trump Tower, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The subpoena seeks both documents and testimony from people involved in the meeting, CNN has learned. That meeting has drawn scrutiny since an email exchange beforehand indicated the Russians offered damaging information on Hillary Clinton. Mueller’s grand jury activity was first reported by The Wall Street Journal and Reuters.
Mueller’s team of investigators continue to look into whether President Donald Trump or any of his campaign associates colluded with Russia during the presidential contest.

If Trump makes a move on Mueller now, that itself will be evidence of one of the two crimes that Mueller is clearly investigating – obstruction of justice.

And the June 2016 meeting itself – about which no solicitor-client privilege or confidentiality claim can be made, because Trump’s idiot namesake son publicly released all those emails – is the evidentiary basis for the other crimes: a conspiracy to violate the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act; and/or soliciting or accepting a campaign contribution from a foreign national or foreign government; and/or – and this is the good one – actual treason.

With the convening of these grand juries, and the probative value of the evidence growing, my considered legal opinion is this:

Trump is fucked.



  1. Gen L says:

    Hi Warren! Hope you are well! I have been following your website for many years – but this is the first time I have actually posted. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t getting my hopes up – do you really think this might be it?? I have never felt such hatred for anyone than I do for this Orange m-fucker. The rage I feel is not healthy, and I turn to your blog for glimmers of hope. 🙂

  2. Kevin says:

    From your mouth to God’s ears.

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    What’s clear is that Trump will not be considered as a witness by the grand jury. He could be a target but is most likely a subject – – which ain’t great news.

    If he is not smart enough to take the 5th and agrees to an interview, he’s in big trouble. Proving obstruction or other crimes is not the most dangerous. Rather, it’s a possible perjury charge that could bring him down, given the fact that he lives in an Alt-Reality with Alt-Facts. Nothing is more potentially lethal personally for him than that.

    • Matthew says:

      That’s not clear at all. According to The Guardian, Clinton testified to a Grand Jury while he was President, and Nixon testified after he resigned, so no reason Trump would be immune from a subpoena.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Let me put it this way, Trump is not seen as a possible witness –and only a witness, in connection with future grand jury proceedings. At bare minimum, he is a subject of a grand jury investigation. As I recall, Clinton was deposed in connection with the Paula Jones lawsuit. That suit was not connected with the official time line when he was in office as President.

  4. David Ray says:

    Donald Trump is a heart attack waiting to happen. That is my prediction. No-one his age can withstand this much pressure and the Grand Jury will still take down the entire lying clown show with prison the likely outcome for a lot of them. Sad.

  5. the salamander says:

    .. the old adage ‘follow the money’ holds true but in the case of Donald Clump it may be ‘follow the debt’ – There’s a truly murky backstory to his business ventures, failures and miraculous resurrection as a tv personality & ‘Brand’ guru. Money offshored from Russia or China for laundering, dubious buy & sells of real estate. Those tiresome entitled children of his were likely targets for compromise as well. Powerful investigations will assemble corresponding timelines of the chain of events, the locations, the people present, who’s money went where & where did it originate from. Who benefited, aside from Donald & why.. I think its all headed toward a 2 year reign of Mike Pence with the GOP pushing Trump out just as it becomes evident that Mueller will lower the boom. The GOP will certainly want to further entrech prior to the next election & I can scarcely believe Trump would win again. In fact I see him as a sitting duck – fat naked emperor – the latest greatest Ugly American

  6. Dave says:

    Problem is that he takes 30% of the country with him when he goes.

    I fear that blood will be shed over this before all is said and done.

  7. Matthew says:

    I think that he has perhaps already received substantial emoluments, as well as whatever happened in this Russian influence thing. Grand Jury could take years poking after Russian plots, and goodness knows what damage could be caused in the meantime. I read an article that the ACLU is looking for any hotel owner who has suffered quantifiable economic harm from a Trump property in order to sue for Trump Hotels unfair competitive advantage from emoluments. It is pretty well enough documented too, the enrichment of the Trump family business by foreign states and agents. I imagine that even if it is only civil litigation, if the argument that Trump received an emolument wins, it could precipitate firm action by congress.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Congress under the leadership of the Republicans will do absolutely zip until the mid-terms in 2018. They will defend Trump going into the election and see what happens. If the American people are not OK with that, they will have to vote out Republicans in the House and one-third of the Senate. But Americans have a bad history with Republicans in federal office. They never vote them out as the majority in recent times, while doing the exact opposite the last time that Democrats had the majority in both houses of Congress…in other words, it’s a deliberate double standard.

      But if by a miracle, Republicans lost control of Congress, only then would they seriously and GENUINELY consider turning on the President — but only to save their own political hides. IMHO, Trump isn’t losing any sleep wondering if Republicans are about to turn on him in Congress, now or even after 2018.

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