08.24.2017 07:46 AM

X: Recipe for Hate gets five out of five stars!

My publisher Dundurn has (smartly) arranged for teachers to read the book, since it’s (partly) aimed at a YA audience. Here’s what one teacher in the U.S. had to say:

I really enjoyed this book and I know I have students who would as well. I think the characterization is nicely done and the characters feel genuine. The pacing seems to really keep a nice pace too, I think it could have veered off into wasted pages, but the author really managed to keep a building pace until a pretty wild crescendo. The book is very action packed and has some rather graphic and violent parts, and also contains more than a few choice words. These could be a problem for some people, but the curse words are used for effect and not dropped every sentence and the violence, while graphic was not gratuitous. I would definitely recommend this book to some of my students, I have already told some of my junior and senior boys about it and that I think they would enjoy it.

Nice. you can pre-order multiple copies right here!



  1. Kevin says:

    Way ahead of you. Ordered one a week or so ago. Am anxiously awaiting….

  2. I’ll be doing a review on my website 🙂

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