09.03.2017 07:22 AM

And the CBC’s Rex Murphy calls anti-fascists “the real haters”



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    Kevin says:

    Oh Jesus. Well I’m sure you know what to do with that one.

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    the salamander horde says:

    .. this is disgusting violent hate crap..
    and Twitter is now sharing ‘ownership’ of the hate/threat ‘content’. I presume that’s a screen grab as I would be shocked that Twitter would allow that to remain visible. That’s highly threatening hate crime territory and should be treated as such. So far beond ‘insulting’ its from another planet or a sewer. Sorry that Lisa, you or family had to encounter or endure such poison.

    Rex Murphy needs to get gone.. zip his lips .. as he’s now emulating the pus sack president of the USA via distorted & dangerous opinionating & enabling. Not only is he spouting from his taxpayer funded pulpit at CBC, but getting op ed opportunities via National Post. To proclaim that ordinary citizens concerned about neo nazis – are getting their news via Marvel Comics or simply vacant headed losers truly is bothering me.

    Of course I’m also very aware of his insolent views regarding resource extraction, pipelines & supertankers for Asia.. paid pimping for Big Energy and unhinged partisan posturing, defending the likes of Ezra Levant, Joe Oliver, Andrew Scheer et al. I don’t usually ‘read’ Rex – but as someonewho wants to read actual source documents, I will read to see what ignorant froth actually came out his snout.

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    Tim Sullivan says:

    Is Rex still on the air? Why?

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      Terence Quinn says:

      Agreed. Why is our tax money going to a scumbag like Rex.

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        Pedant says:

        I feel the same about Neil MacDonald and the profoundly unfunny cast of 22 Minutes.

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    Jay says:

    Many have noticed that there’s a Social Media campaign, involving neo-Nazi’s, the American Right, and promoted by Russian bots and trolls, to use a “false equivalence” campaign, fake news, and “bothsiderism”, to delegitimize protests against the neo-Nazi’s and legitimize neo-Nazi’s.

    I’m not the least bit surprised that Rex Murphy is happily jumping onboard that bandwagon.

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    Charlie says:

    So, in the same post where he calls you a piece of shit, he says he hopes your wife gets raped.

    What a fucking dip-shit.

    Funny how this alt-pussy deleted his account.

    What a bunch of stand up guys, these Twitter trolls are.

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