09.22.2017 03:44 PM

Ben Mulroney and me talking about defending his Dad’s biggest legacy

Not what I expected to be doing this morning.  Or, like, ever. 


  1. Miles Lunn says:

    Agree with much of what is said, but I think congress despite the GOP controlling it won’t necessarily go along with Trump much like on Russia. A lot of the GOP in congress are your Reagan type Republicans who are generally pro free trade as opposed to your Trump type nationalists so while he can rip it up unilaterally, only congress can impose tariffs and I doubt the GOP on its own will muster enough support for this. He may have to turn to the Democrats to do this who are traditionally more protectionist, but with how much he has poisoned the well with them, not sure that will work.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    IMHO, we can ultimately kiss that sucker goodbye since Trump is only in it for a glorified one-way NAFTA. (As they are about to really find out during the fast-paced Ottawa round.) Trump is never to be relied upon.

  3. Eric Weiss says:

    And here’s some video of the Dimentia Patient-in-Chief forgetting his wife is standing right next to him…


  4. James Smith says:

    My take is that the FTA & NAFTA have been a disaster for Canada. Sectoral trade like the Auto Pact was always the way to go. Having been in NAFTA for so long we’re now in such a weak negotiating position as a huge portion of our economy is woven into the NA supply chain. Any way you slice it, Muldoon F’d us. Even if you think NAFTA has been a net benefit, Canada is about to pay the price ten fold. I hope I’m wrong but when I was publicly called a Liar for claiming in 1988 hundreds of packaging jobs in Burlington Ontario would vanish if the FTA went through (& they did) I felt not one moment of justification when they, & hundreds of of other jobs went away almost overnight.

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