09.05.2017 12:45 PM

DACA idea


  1. the salamander horde says:

    .. this is a very intriguing idea.. needs to be moved on promptly..

    Some blogs & twitters are calling for big influxes of refugees
    immigrants, migrants etc.. thereby ‘creating’ jobs
    I would argue otherwise.. unless….

    If we can create some Fed & Prov funding
    to help disperse & settle such people – and yes, DACA
    not just into our largest urban centers (why?)
    But to excellent regions and much smaller centers..
    I hate the though of these fascinating peoples
    getting parked in east Scarborough..

    Appraise and discover where these peoples interest are
    fishing? science? construction? medicine? teaching? music?
    Help them find fertile Canadian ground..
    Most likely far far better life experiences for them..

    the smaller local communities will provide oversight & assistance
    interest, curiosity & support (there is that funding.. !)
    My idea is that such locales – communities etc may foster/recover
    more related, integral secondary industry, with such new residents

    Thus, coastal, prairie, maritime, Quebec, Great Lakes, territories etc
    become the landing spot for the DACA immigrants..
    Young, grateful, ambitious, curious – survivors !
    Leaving behind.. trumpworld.. & entering Canada
    by far the best place on the panet, such people could land

  2. Sally T. says:

    As Fascist America tries to devour the innocent, we must take a page from Cher who tweeted: “Those Who Can Must Take a DREAMER In2 Their Home & Protect Them‼️I’m Ready 2 Do This & Others in MY BUSINESS WILL DO THE SAME‼️SANCTUARY”. Liberals must step up! All Liberals must take an American refugee into their home asap! These are the Ann Franks of our day!

  3. James Smith says:

    As a transplanted Herring Chocker I’d like to repeat one of my uncle Herb’s jokes:

    Q- Why so many Maritimers on pogie?
    A – All the works’ done me son

    • James Smith says:

      Seriously, we Canadians have a similar stance to the Trump White House.
      Canada deports people who have know no other home but Canada.
      People who are Canadian in all but name who came to Canada as a children.
      These people committed crimes, but they are a product of Canada not the UK or Ireland or Jamaica, or New Zealand.
      Deporting these people is a crime; that we continue to export our failures to other countries is shameful & we shouldn’t wag our finger & feel superior to America.

  4. Charlie says:

    I’ve seen this suggestion else where and can’t say I’m on board with it.

    This would be the equivalent of Canada stepping in to provide healthcare for Americans, if Congress had successfully repealed the ACA.

    DACA is an entirely American matter; Canada really has no business playing symbolic saviour in this situation, whatsoever. There are still people in much more dire situations in different parts of the world that we could help.

    Even if we gave asylum 40,000 of these DACA kids/adults, thats a fraction of the entire number who are effected by Trump’s decision.

    At best, its virtue signalling.

    Not to say at all that these DACA people wouldn’t enrich Canada, but at the end of the day the mess created by Trump today is America’s to fix.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Trump, the ultimate in doofus…

  6. Pedant says:

    I don’t think you’d prefer the electoral fallout were such a policy brought to fruition. Even Justin’s shiny hair wouldn’t be enough to override it.

    And no this has nothing to do with “racism”, so SJWs kindly pipe down.

  7. Pablo5 says:

    BLANDREW Scheer — I loved your Scheer article and all other writing in general. Keep up the good work.

  8. Brian says:

    How about we not take any of them and instead have government explain the asylum process.
    1. You must be IN Canada to claim asylum.
    2. People are being permitted to enter Canada to claim asylum when they legally should be turned away at the border.
    3. There’s obviously a criminal element to asylum seekers because there’s an organised effort to get these people to our border. Why are we not encoraging American law enforcement to enforce the border—-They want Mexico to be responsible for illegals. We should be asking America to take care of the problem on their side.
    4. If DACA people want to come over, that’s great. How about they do it legally? That’s all anyone asks.
    5. Approximately 2.5M in social assistance has been issued to “asylum seekers.” These are non citizens getting free money that should be earmarked for Canada and the legal immigrants. How much water treatment could we give to a First Nations reserve instead of paying to keep law breakers her for 5 years while we process them and then pay for their flight home?

    Now comes the question:
    The PM incited people to enter Canada illegally. He ordered that they be permitted to enter, knowing that they would be seeking asylum. He also knows that they must be on Canadian soil to do so. Why would he willingly undermine the law in this manner and isn’t there a law of some kind of law on the books that might have been compromised by the actions, orders and incitement of the PM?

    I ask because I think I might be open up a small business by driving people to the border every day because lets face it… SOMEBODY IS MAKING MONEY on asylum seekers and it ain’t Canada.

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