09.06.2017 05:56 PM

My new shirt arrived! My new shirt arrived! 


  1. Nasty Bob says:

    OH come on now !!! That’s highly exaggerated …………….no way a bear can stand up that straight !

  2. Matt says:

    You paid actually money for that?

  3. Derek Pearce says:

    I love the Baywatch-style font lol. I know this shit drives Conservatives crazy but this is all very tongue-in-cheek. We can as a country keep our sense of humour and deal with the ridiculous world around us while doing so.

    • billg says:

      I would guess most Conservatives don’t really care, it’s silly fun.
      I would also add, as a Conservative, that, setting the bar high can end quickly what should or could be a long run in office.
      The Indigenous Canadians are now planning oil pipe protests, and, on cue, Lizzy and David are calling Mr Trudeau a climate disaster.
      Socks look great though.

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