10.25.2017 12:49 PM

Can someone explain to me why the GOP think the Steele/Trump oppo file is a good thing to talk about?

Because, from this old war room guy’s perspective, it ain’t.


  1. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:


    Because it may show collusion between Russia and the Clinton/DNC in the election campaign, and actual money flowing from Clinton/DNC to Steele and maybe to the Russians for information.

    Because the majority of the dossier is probably not true. It has been over a year now, and nobody has been able to verify dossier allegations.

    Because Steele had cooperated with the FBI and likely Comey and Mueller before, and Comey’s FBI also paid Steele to do further work on his dossier. Which means there might have been collusion between the Clinton/DNC and the Comey/FBI.

    Comey’s handling of the dossier might make Trump’s dismissal of him justified.

    The dossier was used by Obama and the FBI to get FISA court warrants on so-called Trump associates.

    That and the re-breaking Uranium One/Russia/ClintonFoundation Scandal might force Mueller/Comey and a couple of others in the FBI, Muller investigation, and Justice Department to recuse themselves.


    • Warren says:

      I love your comment, anonymous guy. Maybe, likely, may, might have been, might, etc.

      You sure sound confident!

      • Daryl gordon says:

        Maybe, likely,may, might have etc. Ad the phrase “from an unnamed source close to the investigation ” and you have virtually every anti Trump story from the NYT, MSNBC, CNN et al for the last year.

        The DNC ran the one candidate in the whole party who couldn’t defeat Trump , lied, cheated , had almost all of the media in their pocket. Still couldn’t drag Clinton and her mountain of baggage across the goal line. “Hey, let’s blame it on the Russians ”

        Let’s see what the previously silenced (by Holder and Lynch) FBI informant has to say and I wonder what will be found in Fusion GPS bank records.

  2. Chalie says:

    Because they are fundamentally stupid and would cut off their nose to spite their face.

    The number one objective of the conservative media and the Trump WH is to take a shit on everything so that enough of it gets on everyone else and no-one is able to say ‘we don’t have shit on us’.

    Its fucking lunacy – but this is what happens in a world where a debate on an apple being a banana becomes a poignant metaphor.

    Trump’s biggest theme of personal conduct is that everything you accuse him of, he says you are; and everything you know he’s is not, he insists he is. This has been adopted by his ardent supports as a means of forcing a meaningless discourse.

    Its like Fox News with the Weinstein stuff. They are losing their minds with how scummy that prick was while consistently drawing connections between Democrats/liberals and him. Literally throwing stones from a glass house because the end game for these people is mutual destruction.

    In Trump’s world, nobody gets to win if he doesn’t and the consequences of that is we have Republicans insisting that the crime is of no concern but the discovery of the smoking gun is worthy of convulsions.

    Up is down, down is up.

  3. David Ray says:

    Nobody but nobody writes about this dossier stuff better than Charles Pierce at Esquire. I’d give anything to write 20 % as well as he does about the goings of the Orange Yam. From earlier today…

    But Mueller’s investigators are still on the job, and I get the feeling we wouldn’t be seeing all this smoke being thrown around by the mysterious People Who Are Familiar if somebody important weren’t starting to hear very loud footsteps behind them. There is something of a frenzy about the last couple of days. But, I am willing to be open-minded on this. I don’t think the nation ever will truly heal from the damage done by the Steele Dossier until the American people get to see every word in it and watch any collateral evidence that Steele developed to support its conclusions.

    Like, for example, videotapes. Democracy demands this.

  4. Michael Bluth says:

    Here is why the Republicans think the so-called Russian Dossier is a good thing to talk about. Many people who claim Russian collusion in the election used the Dossier as their support for the collusion even though none of the allegations were proven.

    Despite repeated denials there is now proof that the DNC and Hillary’s campaign contributed to paying for the dossier. This provides evidence that those in Hillary’s sphere will lie when convenient. The new evidence is the strongest evidence of any involvement with Russia in any aspect of the campaign. Republicans are happy because it’s the final nail in Hillary’s political coffin. Not that she really needed one though.

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