10.04.2017 10:58 AM

Coming soon: a new look for this here web site!

Stuff you will see:

  • New regular contributors – from the Left, Right and Centre!
  • Regular news updates – Canadian news and top news stories!
  • Smartphone-friendly content!
  • Less clutter!
  • Still not a blog, because I was here first and hate that stupid word!

Why the change?  Various reasons.  One, the present design doesn’t work well on your device.  Two, I want it to be an aggregator as well as an opinion web site.  Three, I’ve been doing it for more than 15 years – it was time for a totally new approach, with new voices and a new look.

Stay tuned.  It’s going to be neat.


  1. billg says:

    Why do you Progressive’s keep changing things on us Conservative’s?

    • Tim Sullivan says:

      It seem you “Conservative’s” are changing pluralization in a way we progressives don’t recognize.

      See how I Capitalized on that?

  2. Pedant says:

    Sounds good!

    New Ekos poll out.
    Lib 34, CPC 33, NDP 15.
    Large sample size, 4000+.

  3. jay says:

    I hope you’re not changing your name to Norman Spector.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    When I first discovered this here website, you had yet to introduce comments. How time flies!

  5. Overton Willy says:

    Please, please let me view this site a little more easily on my phone. 🙂

  6. Jon Powers says:

    Will it have autoplay videos? I love websites with autoplay videos!

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