, 10.30.2017 09:22 AM

Trump’s campaign manager is indicted – for conspiring against the United States

Here is the first page of the multi-count indictment.

Read it. It is extraordinary. And there can be no doubt, now, that Trump’s campaign was effectively run out of the Kremlin.

Have a nice day, President Pisstape.  Your misery is just beginning, you racist, sexist sonofabitch.


  1. P. Brenn says:

    dont let the cell door hit you on way into prison …

  2. Miles Lunn says:

    Not surprising as we always knew Manafort was cozy with the Kremlin. That being said unfortunately partisanship takes precedence over country so as long as the GOP controls both houses don’t count on them impeaching him even if they should.

  3. Joseph Krengel says:

    As much as I want to see Trump burn, I don’t see how this ties him to Russia, but I’m no lawyer. I read the entire thing and it strictly concerns his shady dealings with the Ukraine.

  4. James Smith says:

    Daisy Manifort LLC?
    Anything you need to tell your loyal readers?

  5. Nicole says:

    The Papadopolous guilty plea is even more damning. He meet with “Putin’s niece”. And it is an admitted fact.

  6. lou says:

    Warren, this all occurred prior to or early during any relationship with Trump but during the entire relationship with Podesta. Patience. While this may lead to Trump at some point. This type of connection is what leads to fake news mongering. This is more likely to be connected to the Clinton uranium deal based on the players involved at this point.

  7. Eric Weiss says:

    Now now, just remember this is just an indictment. He is innocent because Clinton has been proven guilty because of whataboutisms.

  8. Luke says:

    Warren, how is it that you are still so influenced by all this fake news? Even if it weren’t fake, it’d just be the elite media taking an unfair jab at Trump because he doesn’t play by their rules. This wouldn’t even be newsworthy.

    (I kid.)

  9. Mario says:

    Unfortunately, indictments are handed out but few stick. In Iran-Contra, Oliver North had 16 indictments but convicted of three.

    Much of the information regarding Russian media buys on Facebook and Twitter has been lost.


    • Warren says:

      Really? How about the Trump Campaign guilty plea that was just revealed, too?

      • Mario says:

        Campaign person pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. The question will be, the people he trying to talk to or talked to actual government representatives or the equivalent of a Russian PAC.

        Those people can get thrown under the bus in similar fashion to your experience with Olivia Chow.

        • Nicole says:

          Mueller is no fool. He got Papadopoulos to flip and cooperate and the documents show he has been doing so since July at the latest. This guilty plea is to a lesser charge and the minimal potential sentence (0 to 6 months) is because Papadopoulos is in contact with much bigger fish.
          His entire agreement is dependant upon continued cooperation. This is literally included in the documents.
          This plea happened on October 5th and was a secret until now. Mueller revealed this agreement because he wanted to show Manafort and the “others” not yet indicted that he already has a link from the campaign to Russia for collusion.

      • Mario says:

        Facebook and Twitter accidentally deleted the files associated with the Russian fake news media buy.


  10. Sean McLaughlin says:

    I’m a little surprised he didn’t flee to Russia with that huge war chest. We’ve seen this coming for weeks after all.

  11. the salamander horde says:

    .. one would have to have their head immersed in a sack of hammers to miss that Popodopoulos has already plead guilty.. The convergent threads regarding the Trump campaign will run on into the actual administration.

    What will be interesting is how the ‘cone of silence’ among Trump family and enablers is buffered by a multitude of spokeswanks, inumerable ‘counsel’ & attorneys & their wondrous pronouncements of ‘full extent of the law’ – we fully support.. blah blah & puke

    None of the Trumps will want to shoot their mouth off right now.. this stuff goes on the record.. watch for his children to go on a previously scheduled ski trip in Antarctica, Switzerland or to feed hibernating bears for a month.. and the wanks will wave arms shrieking its all about Hillary !

    Putin & China laugh their asses off…

  12. JLS says:

    Please see Garrison Keillor’s spoof @ WaPo. You’ll love it.

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