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Blandy Scheer, true beleiver and champion of Dad jeans, etc.

So, the column I wrote about conservative and visuals got picked up over at HuffPo, and it irritated myriad Tories.  Which worries me a great deal, as you can well imagine.  It is here.  You have to read the comments.  They’re a scream.  This exchange is representative.

My suggestion that Scheer should keep away from Jordan “Some of my best friends are The Jews” Peterson, who should keep away from Gavin McInnes, is here.  It elicited a response from Scheer’s “Director of Media Relations,” here.  I felt compelled to respond, here.

Finally, no less than the Toronto Star has taken pity on Blandy, and his Lynchian new ad, as seen here:

This awkward, amateurish quality is why so many on the “cocktail circuit” (what I assume is Scheer’s term for elites in big cities whose pants aren’t so forgiving) have taken to mocking the leader and the ad endlessly online. Here’s Warren Kinsella on Twitter: “This ad is so bad, and so fundamentally weird, you half expect David Lynch to appear on one of the benches, holding an owl and a log.”

The commentator’s political expertise, in this regard?  “I may not be a political scientist but I did win three high school student council elections in a row.”


Here’s my response to all of this:

  1. The best response to “you guys aren’t very good at visuals” isn’t to (a) call your critics libtards and lieberals and/or (b) to shrug.  It’s: start working on getting better visuals, “beleivers.”  They, you know, work.
  2. If you are the “director of media relations” for the guy who wants to be Prime Minister, don’t invite people online to further criticize your boss.  It’s kind of stupid.  Also, they might take you up on your invitation.
  3. We live in a dark time – Trump, Brexit, the Recipe For Hate, etc.  Conservatives should be like Jeff Flake, and be principled and inclusive.  They shouldn’t be like Rebel Media, and devolve into something that is bigoted and divisive, just because Trump cheated with Russia’s help and “won” the Electoral College with three million fewer votes.

Will anyone listen to me?  Of course not.  No one listens to me, etc.



  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    There is nothing more elementary than basic spelling and grammar. FFS, if you can’t master that from the get-go, then better…hit the snooze button.

  2. BlueGritr says:

    It’s going to be cruel, the next two years for Andrew Scheer. He’s going to wish Maxime Bernier won the CPC leadership, not him.

  3. Daryl gordon says:

    Warren: Couldn’t but notice that in your post above primarily concerning Canadian politics that you got your obligatory anti Trump shot in.

    Consider that to date no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion has been proven but what is factually documented is that the Clinton controlled DMC paid for the discredited Fusion GPS dossier that was used to obtain FISA warrants to begin illegal surveillance of US citizens. Those US citizens just happened to be Republican political figures, more evidence that the Obama administration used government agencies like the justice department, IRS etc to target political opponents. Kind of ironic that you as a self proclaimed champion of human rights and rule of law would ignore these factual wrongdoings.

    Trump obviously did not properly vet some of the people around him (Manifort, Flynn et al) and has made many other strategical and ethical errors but that can be expected from a complete political outsider with no experience in government. His personality and checkered business and interpersonal history only add to the chaos. He may very well go down before his term, let’s see what the inquiry process concludes.

    As for the Clintons, most of the established Democrats and several media outlets are rightfully throwing them under the bus and wish the ” blame everyone but me” book tour would end so the party could completely rebuild.

    • The Doctor says:

      Trump ran a laundromat for dirty Russian money. Use your brain and connect the dots.

      I suggest you google the article “Trump’s Russian Laundromat”, which was published in the New Republic a while ago.

  4. the salamander horde says:

    .. the moment I’m confronted by laughable partisan spelling and grammar mistakes is when I start seeking coherent source material or credible reference re their ‘position’ or ‘policy’ .. that’s the point where partisans & their smug mythologies & mantra begin circling the toilet bowl. Unfortunately, lazy mainstream media gives public serpents a free ride.. by calling the mantra or push polls ‘news’ .. but then so much of mainstream media is owned & driven by wealthy partners of captured government and the political parties awaiting their turn to be captured government. BTW .. Andrew Scheer is a ‘caretaker’ opposition leader – kind of a ventriloquist puppet to take up space & time until Trudeau jets off into the sunset & lets another political party have their turn. That’s the role Harper saw Scheer fullfilling.. a smirking jolly neutered Speaker fella upholding decorum.. he probably wanted Peter Van Loan in that role, but he was just too toxic.. and even seating him in the front row was risky.. as was Poilievre.. there was the risk their mask would slip.. wheress Scheer’s phoniness was the real deal.. baked in

  5. Pedant says:

    He may well be an interim party leader in all but name until about 2021 when Rona Ambrose comes back and takes over.

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