11.30.2017 10:25 AM

If I have one message for y’all, this is it


  1. The Doctor says:

    Meanwhile, over on Breitbart, the party line is that all hate crimes are faked. A view that was promulgated by former Trump administration member (and member of a Hungarian neo-Nazi organization) Sebastian Gorka.

    • Fred from BC says:

      From Wikipedia:
      His father, Paul Gorka, was never a member of the original order and received a “Vitéz” (literally: “valiant”) medal from Hungarian exiles “for his resistance to dictatorship” in 1979.[71] Gorka himself stated that he wears this medal in remembrance of his father, who was awarded the decoration for his efforts to create an anti-communist, pro-democracy organization at the university he attended in Hungary.[80] Robert Kerepeszki, Hungarian expert of the Order of Vitéz, has confirmed that there were ruptures in the organization of the Order of Vitéz on the question of Nazism during the war, many of them died fighting against Hungarian Nazis, and Gorka’s medal had nothing to do with the war period, but was awarded “for his resistance to dictatorship.”[81][78][82] The tunic that Gorka wore was just a traditional Hungarian jacket, known as a bocskai.[78][82][note 2]

      Oh, yeah…TOTAL neo-Nazi, for sure…

      (oh, and as for fake hate crimes, you really should go look at one of the sites that list all the verified cases of fraud (so far). Go ahead, Doc…start counting…)

  2. Kevin says:

    Good talk yesterday. I liked your message: get out and get” involved. As you put it at one point, “Interfere!!”

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