11.15.2017 08:16 AM

Tory Peaks

This ad is so bad, and so fundamentally weird, you half expect David Lynch to appear on one of the benches, holding an owl and a log.


  1. Kevin T. says:

    Needs more cargo shorts.

  2. Pedant says:

    They certainly could have dressed him in something more flattering.

    • Lynn says:

      I thought the same thing.

      I was giggling when I realized it is a real ad and his new pants seemed to be too stiff to move. Then, I was trying to figure out if it was him or his clothes. It made the ad more fun to watch.

      It is like someone bought the clothes and told him to put them on to shoot the ad…new and stiff looking; him and his clothes. What next; taking Steve’s old cardigan out of mothballs for the next installment? I look forward to the winter installment of “Hi, I am…” and a cardigan.

  3. Eric Weiss says:

    It’s like he can’t walk, talk and swing his arms at the same time.

  4. doconnor says:

    It takes real leadership to hire children to play so quietly until they are in the shot.

  5. The Doctor says:

    What’s with the bright red benches? Aside from David Lynch, I was thinking the faux suburban neighbourhood in Edward Scissorhands. Or that movie version of Dick Tracy they did a few years ago, with nothing but primary colours. It is kinda creepy.

  6. Gord says:

    Wow. And people thought Harper was robotic – “these are what you humans call ’emotions'”.

    Why, why, why do they have him doing the perfunctory ‘hi’ moves to the first few people on the benches and then ignore the couple that walks by? The visuals were so distracting I couldn’t even focus on what he was saying – something about cocktail parties and soccer fields?

    I get they’re trying to re-create the Kathleen Wynne ad. But it was just her, one-on-one, with the camera.


  7. Steve T says:

    Ugh – indeed. Surely this can’t have been run by any sort of independent focus group.

    I suspect the “focus group” were a bunch of like-minded folks. Warren, you can comment on this from your experience, but isn’t the ideal focus group a bunch of people who are neutral (ie – non-party members), or perhaps even better a few people who say they don’t like the party or the leader?

  8. Elijah says:

    They’ve since made it “unlisted” it appears, URL still works, but it’s not publicly visible on their channel. Someone should download it before it’s permanently shredded.

  9. Ridiculosity says:

    Unbelievably. Fucking. Horrible. Full stop.

  10. Simon says:

    You guys are missing the point: he’s supposed to be a cop.

  11. Charlie says:

    Holyyyy shit.

    If they were going for “middle aged white dad with 5 kids and a closet full of plaid” — they hit their mark.


    They somehow figured out how to turn vanilla into vanilla-lite.

    I get that the objective of this ad is to take the edge off of Scheer’s social-conservative reputation and Harper likeness, but this makes him so forgettable, they might as well have a “photo not available” image ready for media usage.

    Also, who exactly is the target audience here? If this was meant to endear middle class voters, then the CPC has a pretty homogenous impression of the Canadian middle-class.

    If Andrew is going to walk this insanely awkward in a rehearsed and edited TV ad, he’s going to get blown out of the water by Jagmeet and Trudeau. I can’t imagine Scheer walking into any rally and getting attendees jazzed with the presence of a tenured ethics professor.

  12. Kevin says:

    Look on the bright side. Kellie Leitch’s video team finally found work.

  13. P. Pal says:

    Scheer is weird = Scheeird

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