12.06.2017 05:29 PM

Andrew Scheer: the smirking face of intolerance?

This is just out in Vice, by the always-impressive Mr. Balgord.  And it is astonishing:

A senior member of Andrew Scheer’s leadership team helped create an anti-Islam organization during his campaign to lead the Conservative Party. Now, that organization is holding events to protest anti-Islamophobia Motion 103 and is bringing together Canada’s anti-Islam pundits and anti-Muslim groups.

Georganne Burke, the Scheer campaign’s Outreach Chair, was involved in the founding of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF). The group warns that the Liberal government is criminalizing criticism of Islam and opening the door for a Sharia (Islamic) takeover of Canadian law. C3RF plans to hold events across the country to advocate against M103 and the Trudeau government.

Georganne Burke is one of at least three senior members of Scheer’s campaign team that have now been linked to the so-called alt-right or anti-Islam groups. Scheer’s Campaign Manager, Hamish Marshall, was a director of Rebel Media, an alt-right media outlet that pushes narratives of white genocide and hosts prominent alt-right figures, and worked out of the Rebel offices during the campaign. He has been named as a campaign chair for the 2019 general election.

I’ve had the misfortune to deal with Burke before. She is loathsome, as seen here and here. She’s also the only person in Canada who will admit to supporting President PissTape, Donald Trump.

She’s also irrelevant.

The person who is relevant, on the other hand, is Andrew Scheer.

Why – why, why, why – is he aligning himself with/associating with people who have links to the extremes?  Why is he taking that risk, in a country as diverse and as multicultural as this one?

Comments are open, Conservatives folks.  This is one politico who is genuinely mystified by Andrew Scheer’s determination to alienate the very communities Messrs. Harper and Kenney worked so hard, for so long, to cultivate.


  1. Michael Slavitch says:

    As another Conservative once said, “You dance with the ones that brung ya.”

  2. Mark Bonokoski says:

    Yes, Warren, it is astonishing. It is also bullehit.

    • Matt says:

      Which part is bull, Bono?

      Do you mean it’s bull that Scheer would align himself with these people, or is the entire Vice story bull meaning he’s not aligning himself with them?

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Could Scheer possibly think that he doesn’t even have an outside chance of winning without these people?

    That’s called going down the wrong road…

  4. Brian Dundas says:

    Well, if such a respected journalist as Mark Bonokoski says it’s bullehit without linking to any proof, I for one am sold. You should remove this post Warren.

  5. Joan Abernethy says:

    I do not think opposing m-103 is extremist. It is an opinion shared by many Canadian Muslims.

    I also disagree that the Rebel is extremist. I do not share many of the views its pundits express but, like VICE, it is entertainment opinion news not dispassionate journalism and its views lean right just as VICE leans left.

    Should Scheer condemn the right? Um, no. He should clearly express his own views and policies and defend the right of others, including Burke, VICE and the Rebel, to express theirs and the right of the rest of us to form our own views.

    • Warren says:

      Rebel is racist and promoted anti-Semitic views. You are dishonest.

      • Brenda says:

        I agree with Joan. And articles like the above are straight up silly smear attempts with red meat for the SJW and little lefties …some of whom on payroll…to fill social media with character assails based on nonsense. Denigrating the US president, and pretending Burke is the only one in Canada who likes him, shows how deeply out of touch with Canadians the writer is. He must live in his own little leftie bubble with his circle of buddies who all agree together that they need to pretend people who don’t think like them are the far right scary bogeyman . This is the exact kind of journalism that’s been making people lose respect for the press.

    • Matthew says:

      You disagree that the Rebel is extremist? That is just crazy talk, and does not deserve any courteous debate.

    • Iraj says:

      You should have stopped at “I do not think” because the rest of your post is pure, bigoted drivel.

      You need to learn the difference between the right and the far right. The far right is the right with racism, violence and hatred thrown in. It’s more than possible to hold conservative views without hating everyone you know nothing about and wishing them dead. First the Jews, now the Muslims.

      Speaking of which, I happen to be a Canadian Muslim. You have no right or basis to speak for us. I used to be opposed to M103 – but a cursory glance at the user comments sections in places like Facebook with its mushrooming anti-Muslim hate groups is proof positive that we need some kind of law to reign in these violent neo-Nazis and hate groups. Hate groups like the one founded by Mr. Scheer’s bag woman Burke.

      Hate groups which are, at this moment, stockpiling illegal arms, forming illegal militias, and spying on mosques and prominent Muslims with a view to exterminating them and overthrowing our democratically elected government. And you “think” (there’s that word again) that mainstream politicians should be aligning themselves with this trash? Because police across Canada certainly are – beating and falsely arresting those who dare oppose the far right hate rallies. If it weren’t for the sharp rise of far right extremism in this country, we wouldn’t NEED M103 in the first place.

      “Think” about that.

  6. Richard Fromm says:


    I know Georgeanne very well. She is my friend. She is an observant Jew. There is nothing alt-right about her.

    A conservative Zionist for sure. But not alt-right.

    I won’t defend the direction Rebel Media chose to follow. Journalists like former Rebel reporter Brian Lilley (who has respect) choosing to leave sum up the situation very well.

  7. Gord says:

    Just spitballing here, but could he be pursuing some sort of Karl Rove-esque “grow the base” / motivate the base strategy? Perhaps the thinking is that if the NDP gets its act together and Singh experiences a Layton-like surge, they will peel off enough left-leaning/suburban New Canadian votes from the Grits to allow the Tories to come up the middle in swing ridings, provided they turn out their base and appeal to disaffected non-voters on the right?

    That’s the only explanation I can come up with that makes any sense.

  8. Hanko says:

    You are all fucking idiots.
    She is a racist pig.

  9. Bill says:

    This is all a liberal push to remove Scheer from the next election’s victory for the Cpc. The liberals are running scared and suggest that Scheer is the wrong leader for the conservatives.

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