12.01.2017 11:29 AM

Trump “directed” Flynn to contact the Russians

Wow. Just, wow.


  1. The Ferguson Rifleman says:


    As a conservative, if he’s guilty, I have no problem throwing him to dogs like you.
    Just don’t sob to me about it when we do the same to Hillary and that rapist piece of crap she has for a husband.

  2. Nasty Bob says:

    political people with a propensity for propriety are properly perturbed (to the point of profanity ) but soon you’ll hear the Trumps trample this tempest thusly —- “we had to act to protect America’s economy …we STOPPED them from putting sanctions on us…Obama would rather just stand by and let factories close just to make a point …. the minute the election results came in it was time to start to MAGA …etc.
    And all the trumpchumps will go “yah what’s all the fuss about?”

  3. Daryl gordon says:

    How about reporting this.https://t.co/ewrkVZBTbc?amp=1

    The news cycle timing is very suspect. Drop the Flynn bomb (fake news, no context, incomplete information ) then wait till late in the day to publish a correction.

    Meanwhile Trump’s pending tax bill bumped from the headlines. Also gone, the Democratic sex scandals (Franken, Conyers, Weinstein, Lauer). The aquittal of the much deported, constant criminal illegal alien, sanctuary city dwelling killer of Kate Steinle hardly rated a mention.

    It’s back to Russia, Russia.

    • The Doctor says:

      Yes, I’m sure it’s all an insidious false flag conspiracy. The Real Story is probably over at Infowars, along with the truth behind the Clinton pizzeria pedo sex ring, the Sandy Hook conspiracy and the faked moon landings.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Lying is one thing, a theoretical perjury charge would be quite another. Seems like he’s rolling over to avoid the latter. Tea leaves time.

  5. Lance says:

    ABC later “clarified” their story by saying that this direction wasn’t done while Trump was a Presidential candidate, but the President-elect in transition, in which case is perfectly legitimate and done with precedent. So the FBI has Flynn lying about…….what? This is the “flip” that is going to turn this “investigation” on it’s head.

    LOL Please.

  6. Charlie says:

    Look at all these losers trying to spin Trump’s embarrassing demise as nothing.

    Every time something bad happens in MAGA land, these twits shove their heads further up their asses.

    “But, what about Hilary?!” “What about Franken?!” “What about this?!” “What about that” “Fake news!!”.


    Sit the fuck down.

    • Fred from BC says:

      Damn. Even for you, that’s an embarrassing inept (and hilariously off-topic) response…

      • Daryl Gordon says:

        Charley: just a quick note to get you up to speed.

        It now appears that the hunters may soon become the hunted.

        The get Trump movement began with Obama poisoning the well before leaving office (anti Israel position, punitive Russian sanctions). Obama had already been using government agencies (IRS, FBI etal) to target political opponents, everything was in place to target Trump before and after the election.

        Clinton paid Fushion Gps for the widely discredited dossier, which was the likely basis for the FISA warrants used to surveill Trump colleagues. This led to the Mueller inquiry conveniently consisting of Obama holdovers and Democratic supporters (financially and other). Mueller and Comey have deep ties and are hardly unbiased toward Trump.

        By the use of the same Federal agent that softballed the Clinton investigation to take a lead position in Russian inquiry only adds to the bias. Said agent then confirmed his anti Trump attitude by text messaging his adulterous lover, also a never Trumpet.

        There are many powerful eyes on this aspect of the farce called the Russian collusion inquiry. These powerful people now control the DoJ.

        Trump may still shoot himself in the foot by means of Twitter but it’s increasingly looking like whatever case is brought against him is severely compromised.

        PS: Travel ban gets ok from Supreme Court.

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