, 12.07.2017 08:29 AM

When the victim becomes the victimizer

Liberal MP Sherry Romanado-Morgan was right to object when Conservative MP James Bezan made a sexual remark to her.

So who will speak up for this unnamed person who Sherry Romanado-Morgan fat-shamed?

No one, I bet.


  1. Matt says:

    Bezan has tried to apologize, I think he’s up to five times now, and she keeps ignoring him.

    The incident was investigated in April by the Commons Human Resources department and found Bezan’s comment DID NOT constitute sexual harassment.

    Was it a dumb thing for him to say? Absolutely. But Romanado’s continued claims of having suffered continually since it happened trivializes those women who have suffered real sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

    Even after her comments about the over weight man on the bus came to light, (there is also one where she rants about a woman calling the lady a bitch and Romanando wanting to punch her in the face) which were far moe vile than Bezan’s comment, that should have been a signal for her to move on, but nope. There she was on TV yesterday doubling down on playin the victim.

    The timing of her performance is also suspect. It happened in May, yet she chose the day Trudeau was embarrassed in China to stand in the House and make her statement.

    • Matt says:

      It should also be noted that after her Commons statement Romanado and her office refused to comment on who, what, where, when or how it happened when asked by media.

      It was Bezan himself who stood in the House later in the day and gave those details.

  2. Pedant says:

    I’d like to give my opinion of Sherry Romanado-Morgan’s looks but I suspect Warren would not allow it to be shown here.

    If she had been a teenager when composing that FB post it wouldn’t be worth mentioning, but she was a woman in her 30s and flaunting such immaturity.

  3. Gord says:

    Bezan has handled this like an adult. He made a stupid remark. He apologized (multiple times). He seems genuinely contrite. I suspect he will choose his words more carefully going forward.

    Cannot say this about Romanado. She should have accepted the apology, maybe made some comment about how this can be a teachable moment, and moved on.

    This doubling-down on victimhood and non-stop crying of wolf over non-events provokes two reactions: a) people tune out or minimize serious cases and b) we get the kind of social backlashes that eventually result in people like Donald Trump getting elected.

    Wish it weren’t that way, but it is.

  4. Gyor says:

    What he said was a joke and a mildly funny one at that. Her acting tramatized at a simple, mild joke is disgracefully.

    This is more embarrassing for the Liberals then Elbowgate was for the NDP, because at least an elbow to the chest could hurt.

    Her own dirty laundry getting exposed is karma.

  5. Bill MacLeod says:

    Well, Warren, it looks like you’re right. Nobody speaks up in defense of the poor person that had to sit beside Ms. Romanado-Morgan.

    Unless, you count The Rebel and a few right-of-centre blogs.

    Meanwhile, the media keeps commenting on the story without mentioning Ms. Romanado-Morgan’s (in my opinion at least) much greater transgression.

    That kind of makes Levant’s point, dammit!

    Good on you, Warren, for pointing it out.


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