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  1. Matt says:

    Guessing your twitter and email inbox have blown up since the article was posted?

  2. Miles Lunn says:

    Fully agreed. Although I hope that any women who has experienced sexual misconduct from any politician no matter what party it is will come forward. Only by coming forward can we hope to put an end to this.

  3. Pedant says:

    It is said that Donald Trump’s indiscretions leave him vulnerable to blackmail by foreign powers.

    I wonder if we need to worry about the same with our own government officials?

  4. AA says:

    I hope that all those clamouring for the release of these documents are prepared to stand up for all groups who have been abused by the political systems and persons within these systems. To achieve justice for abused women, there needs to be justice for ALL abused members of society, and that includes ethnic groups, the poor, the marginalized. Let ‘s remember that classic liberalism claims to “balance” the rights of the individual with those of the state. That “balance” doesn’t actually exist in Canada’s largest political parties. In order to protect the vulnerable, as the “show the affidavits” types believe that they are doing, one might take a good look at the holes in Cdn social policy. We abuse people through lack of environmental policies, attacking unions that fight for higher wages, lack of affordable housing, precarious work, lack of accessible day-care, through our society’s tolerance of government policies directed against how women dress, unlivable disability and welfare supports. One hopes those outraged by sexual misconduct are also prepared to stand up for those changes, not just fling some political mud. People put up with abuse, personal and societal, to make ends meet.

  5. Willie P says:

    Perhaps you may wish to pass this message on to a certain Ottawa radio talk show host who, lacking the ability to break any news himself, has taken to calling out other outlets who he believes are “protecting” suspected abusers because of political affiliations.

  6. Grant says:

    I couldn’t disagree more. If this is a person in power, a person who makes and controls public policy, then in the interest of the current, and future generations, they must be exposed for who they truly are. Allowing someone who holds such great power to remain untouched, when you know the truth, makes you as culpable as they are. It allows them to continue their abuse unopposed when you could have made a difference. Sometimes you have to stand up for the victims.

  7. Willie P says:

    No problem with calling out abusers Grant. That will happen in good time, once the lawyers and editors have thoroughly vetted the reports and checked the allegations. That timetable shouldn’t be altered because of some yutz hollering from the sidelines.

  8. David Ray says:

    “nothing happens until something moves.”
    – that Einstein guy.

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