01.31.2018 09:42 PM

The guy they’d win with is the guy who won’t run for them

Suggests to me he’s doing a good job doing what he’s doing.



  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Why would Tory go through that again? He remembers vividly how déjà vu went.

    • Pedant says:

      Especially when his “error” was simply proposing to extend the privileges that Catholic students enjoy to Ontario children of all faith groups.

      In hindsight he should have done the opposite and proposed to drop all religious school funding entirely as Brian Tobin did in Newfoundland.

  2. Miles Lunn says:

    If you look in more detail, and not just this one but Mainstreet, and Innovative research, it seems the Tories have a good shot at still winning if they choose right. But choose Ford and there is a good chance they won’t win. I can see Ford winning a minority but not a majority and considering how toxic Ford is, I believe the NDP and Liberals would gang up like the Greens and NDP did in BC to prevent him from taking office.

  3. Pedant says:

    If we go by these numbers, this is shaping up to be a Ford-Mulroney match-up.

    You’ve got to bet on Mulroney here. The party brass was asleep at the switch assuming Christine Elliott was a shoo-in and Brown managed to run rings around her. It won’t make the same error this time.

    I hope some of Caroline’s dad’s old advisors are putting her through debate-prepping bootcamp.

  4. RDL says:

    I’m not sure I would want Brian running the province.

  5. the salamander horde says:

    .. for the life of me, I cannot comprehend how John Baird plays into this dumpster fire. Patrick Brown and/or one or many of his ‘operatives’ are about to go hyper radioactive.. and the Ontario ‘Conservatives’ need to wave white flags and come out of the fort hands in the air. Let Doug plunge in.. and try to make it a bar fight. By the way.. has anyone seen the NDP ? Or or they just sitting back & watching from a safe distance ? And on the federal level are the NDP examining memberships with alacrity ?

  6. Ned Ludd says:

    I was reading on a certain Canadian news gathering website today that the palace coup against Patrick Brown had been in the works for sometime.
    The man needed to go, obviously, but the knives had been out for him by his 29 MPP’s for a while.
    I just wonder if having an election involving all party members isn’t a bit of a farce. What is the point of having the whole membership vote if the MPP’s are going to decide who will be leader anyways. Better to go back to the old British way of letting sitting MPP’s decide.It’s faster, easier, cheaper, and let’s those with the real power in the party call the shots.

  7. Steve T says:

    I do not understand how so many people can support Doug Ford. Yes, he’s not his brother – but he sure was alongside for that disaster, and stood behind all the lies, deceit, and idiocy.

  8. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    What kind of party would possibly choose a leader who doesn’t even have a seat? One that is beyond desperate to remain relevant.

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