01.28.2018 10:45 PM

The Pervert Creep Party of Ontario



  1. the salamander horde says:

    .. this story seems to really just be breaking. One wonders if & when Rosie DiManno and Christie Blatchford will double down or back away from their recent comments – columns painting the male ‘politicians’ as the real victims. The Brown – Dykstra story mentions so many details.. its almost beyond belief .. yes yes, there is alcohol involved.. but but but.. there is no defense for such behavior.. and it becomes more understandable why young women wish to remain anonymous, rather than be threatened and / or ridiculed, humiliated.. Its becoming truly sickening, incredibly disturbing.. and quite likely there is impending legal action on the way.

    • Matt says:

      Doesn’t it strike you as odd Dykstra’s accuser (and Brown’s) mention they were drunk, yeat are able to remember the most minute, finite details of what happened?

      I’ve been told Ottawa police investigated Dykstra’s accusers complaint. They told both Dykstra and the Conservatve Party of Canada they found no evidence he committed an offence. She didn’t withraw her complaint as she claims.

      • Matt says:

        To add to the above – that is not to suggest Dykstra is an alter boy. just that in this particular case I was told the police investigated her allegation and found no evidence of an offence. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t harass or act inappropriately. Not all harassment or misconduct would fall under criminal code defintion

      • the salamander horde says:

        .. no it does not.. I was blessed with an astonishing visual acuity.. some call it a photographic or filmic memory.. I see it more as I never blanked or purged the various assaults upon me as a vulnerable youth or young man. Instead they were engraved as if on archival Kodachrome. Served me well, working in maximum security prisons, drug addiction centers, secure residences for assaulted women and with emotionally disturbed juveniles & young adults of both sexes – all under the age of 25 – its quite remarkable what nuance victims can describe.. not just visual, but auditory, tactile and even smells or odd details. What we capture internally when trapped drunk, stoned or under assault can be quite remarkable.. and not in a good way. Perhaps you’ve never read case histories or interview transcripts & studied related photos.. & maybe you’re better off for that.. but it was required for me, in my field.

  2. Matt says:

    The MPP Goldie Ghamari is referring to is Randy Hillier. He responded to he accusation tonight:


  3. Pedant says:

    The selection of bland family-man Scheer is looking almost prescient for this new era.

    • Kev says:

      Perhaps, though one does start to wonder what Mr. Scheer knew about his former colleagues, and when he knew it…

      … because if it was open knowledge among non-CPC staffers which male MPs (from all parties) to avoid, there’s no way on earth that CPC staffers, including at the highest level, didn’t know, too.

  4. SM says:

    I would be careful in slamming the conservative party with name-calling as the headline has done. We are likely to see accusations come from all points on the political spectrum. The structure of many powerful organizations is made specifically to promote regardless of behavior. The PC party is not alone.

  5. TALLTEXAN says:


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