02.08.2018 11:01 AM

Follow the money

The OPP didn’t. Their investigation was a monumental farce.

I draw comfort from one thing, however:


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    Pipes says:

    Off topic, by relevant maybe to Your Ward Ass Wipe….

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    Kevin says:

    This is an outrage! The OPP ADMIT that the Ontario Government OVERPAID $4.7 Million in a contract to buy helicopters from AgustaWestlind. The OPP ADMIT that $4.7 Million flowed back to a company owned by Mazza for services (marketing) which were never performed! What more evidence did the OPP need to charge Mazza of fraud in what appears to be a textbook kickback scheme? Is the OPP that incompetent OR is the OPP corrupted by outside forces? This decision should not be allowed to stand but I’m afraid it will be forgotten after tomorrow.

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    Jim Edwards says:

    Could we have some clarification as to what this article refers to? Perhaps the recently concluded ORNGE investigation?

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