, 02.20.2018 01:39 PM

Takes one to know one

“Your a dork.”

Takes one to know one, etc.


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    Pedant says:

    LMAO! Oh good lord. It just keeps getting better and better.

    I believe this question has been posed here before but I forget the response : do any Canadian parties do real Oppo research to the degree they do in the US? Not just on opponents but on themselves in order to get ahead of any possible allegations (or, if serious enough, to rule out leadership contenders entirely). Clearly such research was never done on Brown, and all parties would be wise to start doing so on every prospective leader.

    Aggregating all the photos and anecdotes into a composite, Brown is coming off as a douchey man-child, the kind that we all knew in university. Nothing illegal about that, and let’s be honest, many women (not ALL, just some; don’t flame me SJWs!) actually LIKE that kind of shtick and find it cute and endearing. But past a certain age (Brown was already over 30 in that 2009 photo) it simply won’t do for someone aspiring to political leadership.

    Re: your/you’re, hell I’m a bit of a grammar/vocab snob but even I’ve made that typo once or twice when my hands outpaced my brain, always followed by a frantic “yikes, sorry, I meant you’re, not your”.

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    Eastern Rebellion says:

    Juvenile, asinine, what other adjectives can we apply? In the context of the recent events, what does this say about his maturity level? The famous American patriot John Parker is alleged to have said “Don’t fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” It should be noted that Mr. Brown has had the opportunity to deal with the allegations in a respectful and appropriate manner, but has chosen another path. When you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

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    ABB says:

    It’s official — Brown was posted today as a candidate on the Ontario PC web site:

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      Matt says:

      He was posted the day he entered the race.

      Last I heard the PNC (Provincial Nominating Committee) still has to interview him prior to it being official and the are leaning towards NOT approving his candidacy. They have some rather pointed questions on a number of topics outside the CTV story.

      Mulroney has been approved, Ford, Elliott and Allen have all had their interviews and should get the official OK today or tomorrow.

      Ford is supposed to have been very impressive in the interview.

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    Robert White says:

    This is obviously how Brown chooses to characterize himself in media, and on Facebook. His oral fixation is evident, and so is his sexually regressive attitude towards women of sexually reproductive age. He derides his own character by having pictures like these on his Facebook page, and evidently does not have the political gravitas to remove it.

    My hope is that the PC Executive will see these photos before they collectively decide if Brown’s candidate papers should be signed at the review they are conducting tonight.

    Harper et al should be embarrassed that they promoted Brown to this level.


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    L7TP says:

    Those aren’t sand boobies. It’s a Venn diagram of Patrick’s vision for the Ontario PC Party.

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      Charlie says:


      Close, but this is better:

      ‘Those aren’t sand boobies; Its a Venn diagram of the reasons Patrick Brown thinks he’s a credible leader and actual qualities of a credible leader.’

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