02.21.2018 08:47 AM


On this day in 1965, Malcolm X was murdered, slain in front of his wife and children by the racist and anti-Semitic Nation of Islam.

X is, as friends and family will tell you, a rather big deal to me, on many levels. Among other things, X is the name of the three books I am writing/have written. X is in every room where I work and live. And X is on my arm, literally.

He was truly a giant of a man, and he would have never hesitated to stand up against the racist, criminal Donald Trump. His voice is acutely missing, in these profoundly dark days.

Worth remembering, then:

People who stand for nothing – will fall for anything.

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  1. lewouri says:

    Warren, thanks for the article post.Really thank you! Great.

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