03.08.2018 01:32 PM

All this talk of delaying the PC leadership vote reminds me of something

Oh, wait.  I know what it is.

Arguing that computer errors have disenfranchised huge numbers of Conservatives, Belinda Stronach’s campaign chief said Wednesday that the party’s leadership vote should be postponed until the membership list mess is sorted out.

“These list problems will deprive up to tens of thousands of members of their votes for the first leader of our new party,” said John Laschinger, Ms. Stronach’s national campaign director.

The leadership vote is scheduled for March 20, but on Wednesday Mr. Laschinger urged the executive director of the Conservative Party to delay the vote until it can be assured that all legitimate members have the chance to vote.

“It is clear that the number of disenfranchised members reaches into the tens of thousands,” he writes. “We have no option but to ask that voting be delayed until these list problems are resolved. It is undemocratic to continue with an unfair process in which so many legitimate, paid-up members are denied their democratic rights.”

Oh, and Laschinger lost that one, too, of course. He’s good at losing.


  1. Matt says:

    Three of the four candidates now asking for a delay – Granic Allen, Ford and Mulroney.

    I suspect Ford is a distant second or third. Only explaination for his recent attempts to court the So-Con vote with his abortion comments.

    Was told he has his core support but very little down ballot support. He’s seems to trying to become second choice for Granic Allen’s supporters.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Big mistake, Doug.

    Centrists are open and relatively flexible. SoCons are high-energy-principled, driven and won’t give any quarter to his populist campaign.

    Quel déluge!

  3. rsat says:

    What about the thousands of voters that were disenfranchised of their right to vote?/. Why did the party send out the PIN”s to selected party elitists when the people never got them??She was the only one that wouldn”t agree to a voting extension, and now she”s sticking up for the voters ?? B.. S ..!!Ford was declared, by the party to be the official winner.. No court challenge will rule against it..Elliot knew the party rules when she entered the race.. If she didn”t ignorance is no excuse.. She needs to get out of politics and get a real job,, Ya can”t respect a 3 time loser.. She needs to be careful what she wishes for, it”ll backfire in her face.. IMHO..

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