03.19.2018 06:37 AM

Canadians to Trudeau: smarten up

From Angus Reid:

The passage of time appears to have done nothing to soothe Canadian voters irritated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since his highly criticized passage to India last month.

This, combined with a simmering unease among the electorate over the federal government’s deficit spending has, for the first time, driven Trudeau’s disapproval rating north of 50 per cent.

All of this adds up to a ten-point gap between the Liberal and Conservative parties in vote intention. The latest polling analysis from the Angus Reid Institute shows that if an election were held tomorrow, the CPC – led by Andrew Scheer, would be in range to form a majority government.

Meanwhile, my guy Chretien’s successors always make him look good:


  1. Kevin says:

    Well, the bloom is definitely off the rose, but if an election really were held tomorrow, you’d still have JT compaigning versus Andrew Scheer campaigning. Not very evenly-matched.

  2. Pedant says:

    Wow, look at Mulroney. I knew he was unpopular when he left office but didn’t realize how low his numbers tumbled during his first term. And yet he went on to win again the following year.

    WHY was he so unpopular in 1987? Was it really the singing on stage with Reagan? The scandals/resignations that plagued his early Cabinet? I was child so I don’t recall why the Canadian public was so unforgiving towards him.

    It does seem to me Mulroney presents a good basis of comparison to T2. Like T2, he was affable and a terrific campaigner, but occasionally too concerned with “celebrity”. On the latter point, T2 is like Mulroney on overdrive (celebrity status being paramount to this administration), but he has none of Big Chin’s intellect and vision.

    To continue with the comparison, Mulroney’s comeback in 1988 suggests T2 can do likewise.

  3. Matt from Ottawa says:

    I think what more and more people are seeing is the PM just doesnt take this job seriously. At first everyone gave him the benefit of the doubt and a lot of people liked his young fresh vibe. Now people are starting to see that he really isnt statesmanlike and just rubs many people the wrong way. I personally did not vote for him, but im not partisian that I did not give him a chance to win my vote. Many of my friends who are even die hard liberal supporters are questioning him and his judgement and pretty much all of my female friends find his “feminism” to be pandering and borderline insulting. Overall, the polls are going to keep going down unless theres a shakeup in the PMO which sadly wont happen since its tough to fire your best friends including Canada’s first female chief of staff

  4. Peter says:

    Warren: Do you have any sense of Ford’s support, both strong and lukewarm, among the immigrant communities in Toronto? Wynne has put herself front and centre in the cause of identity politics issues and particularly the sex ed. curriculum. I find it hard to believe that there aren’t a lot of new Canadians who, while perhaps having no desire to speak out in public or associate with religious/social conservative outfits, aren’t too happy their kids are being taught the delights of anal sex. Do you see this as an important factor in the election?

    • Peter says:

      Sorry, wrong thread.

    • Warren says:

      In 2014, even after Rob said “Orientals work like dogs,” 70 per cent were supporting him.

      Think about that.

      • Pedant says:

        Well come on, they supported him anyway because they knew full well that he had no malicious or offensive intent with that statement. His vocabulary was just outdated and he was uneducated in the rules of 21st century gentility. In his own doofus way, he meant it as a compliment and that’s how they took it.

  5. Montréalaise says:

    Among the people I know, even the die-hard, life-long Liberal supporters are questioning JT`s judgment. The trip to India was seen as nothing more than a family vacation under the guise of an official visit (and given the public perception, was it really wise of him to take his family on vacation in Florida just a couple of weeks later?). I have to wonder about the people around him, the ones who are supposed to be advising him. Are they that incompetent? Or has he surrounded himself by sycophants who simply tell him what he wants to hear? There is a third possibility – he might be getting excellent advise but chooses to ignore it because he thinks he knows better.

  6. Matt says:

    Few things to consider:

    1) Traditionally, the CPC always poll better in late fall to early spring than they do in late spring to early fall. Don’t know why, they just do.

    2) The CPC really haven’t done much to sway voters to their side, so this increase in CPC support may not be about the CPC inspiring people to vote for them.

    3) Traditionally, people tend to temporarily “park” their vote with an opposition party between elections to send a signal to the government to smarten the f–k up. That may be what we’re seeing here.

    There is a bright side for Conservatives to #3 though. Team Trudeau may just be to arrogant to take the hint.

  7. Charlie says:

    The Liberals can probably take some solace in knowing that Andrew Scheer is just not making any impression on voter.

    As some who attended one of these, I was overwhelmed by how uninspiring/borderline bad he is in public:


    • Pedant says:

      Scheer might be uninspiring but lately Trudeau has been “inspiring” people to vomit.

      Which is worse?

      • Fred from BC says:

        It’s true. He’s bland, unexciting and uninspiring…but you get the impression that what you see is what you get. No one will ever successfully label Andrew Scheer as being evil, mean or even dishonest. He has no hidden agenda, either.

        Maybe he wasn’t as bad a choice as people think. Only time will tell…

        (and my personal choice would have been Bernier)

  8. Kev says:

    How’s that “never trust anyone over 40” rule for Ottawa Liberal hiring (a rule, BTW, instituted by a brain trust, such as it is, all over the age of 40) working out now?

  9. justin trudo’s advisors and some of his ministers have to be just as STUPID as he is– HOW would it look if he was the only stupid one in the whole bunch ???

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