03.22.2018 10:09 PM

Please God make it stop


  1. Peter says:

    Would I have to apologize to anybody if I called him eye candy?

  2. billg says:

    How could he possibly not know this is hurting him?
    How could he possible not know the only thing standing in the way of another 4 year is the perception that he is more style then substance. Don Martin of CTV had a scathing column yesterday, This Hour Has 22 Minutes now has weekly skits mocking our pretend PM. Either he’s refusing advice or no one in his inner circle is standing up and insisting he take it.

  3. Matt says:


    On the contrary. If polls are to be believed Canadians are finally getting tired of the kind of crap from, and about Trudeau.

    So I saw keep it up Justin and his fanboys and fangirls!

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    This is a third-party production. It’s not like India. Thank God.

    It made me smile. A sense of humour is a sense of proportion. (Khalil Gibran)

  5. The Doctor says:

    Next stop: JT on the cover of Tiger Beat.

  6. Raymond says:

    He can wear it.

  7. Terence Quinn says:

    I love when everyone is piling on and not thinking about who might replace him………Scheer nonsense would be a disaster with his Harper lite mindset. No thank you.

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