03.19.2018 01:57 PM

That’s not a Throne Speech, that’s a suicide note!

…so someone said to me at lunchtime. Sometimes, you just have to laugh.

Anyway. These are the Ontario Throne Speech “priorities.” If anyone can see a big re-election victory somewhere in there, drop us a line, okay?


  1. Dork in East York says:

    Would this be a bad time to ask Wynne for a 64 Chevy Impala? Candy apple red.

  2. James Smith says:

    Well, at least it’s not “The Land is Strong” (yes, I’m THAT old!)

    • James Smith says:

      Wait! Wait! Wait! I don’t know where I heard it, but I read it somewheres, how about: “Kathleen Wynn is the luckiest politician in Ontario”? I think it could catch on!

  3. Peter says:

    Heh. Ok we all know this is total bullshit, but from the perspective of rhetorical appeal, who writes this stuff? Don’t they teach plain English in communications courses these days. For a million dollars, I could write this to sound far more serious and sincere in an hour, mainly by dropping the bafflegab. Let me try:

    #1: Take out “significantly”.
    #2: Take out “Expanding home care to”. Replace “aging loved ones” with “them”.
    #3: Take out “historic” (?) and everything after “services”.
    #4: Take out “to more affordable”.
    #5: Take out “more” and “free” (no-one will believe it”) and “new”.
    #6: Take out “Making investments to” and stop at “workforce”.
    #7: This one’s tough because it is almost stream of conscience. How about “Promote economic activity in marginal regions”? Nobody is going to believe you anyway.
    #8: Take out “Continuing to make record-breaking investments” and replace with “Invest”. Take out “across Ontario in public…”. (What the hell is private infrastructure?).

    The essay that has yet to be written is how the Trumps and Fords succeed by speaking basic English.

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Taken together, it shows that your government cares. But as they say, they could cut income taxes and they would still likely be out of the door.

    Their time appears up.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Taken together it shows that your government cares. But they could cut income taxes and likely would still end up out of the door.

    There time appears up.

  6. Ronald O'Dowd says:


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