03.30.2018 09:44 AM

The “feminist” Ontario Liberal Party

…has come to this.


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    Fred from BC says:

    Seems to me that anyone in favor of “gender balancing” a political slate of candidates or cabinet picks must also accept the 50% of men who will also be nominated. I despise the whole premise, myself…I want the *best* candidate, the one with the most promise and firm local support, not the one parachuted in simply for their gender (that’s how we ended up with Miryam Monsef and ‘Climate Barbie,’ to name just two notable failures).

    It’s insulting to women, frankly, that we should promote the idea that women are helpless, fragile creatures who can’t make it in the mean, nasty old political world on their own and must be given special treatment to qualify. That’s a ridiculously old-fashioned attitude and we need to get past it ass soon as possible…

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Rule 1: hopelessly divide by your deliberate actions your party going into a critical election. Pass or Fail?

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    p bre says:

    dumb ..she will be better off once wynne and cabal is gone for the 2022 election

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    Meaghan walker says:

    Men , Women, bird, fish, goat can be what god wants ! All things God made are certainly capable of many things. Beyond the human mind . God gave women the task God gave women the higher pain threshold as well and todays pain is seemingly what most ppl have to learn to cope with .With that being said the way we talk about men consistently feeding the minds of our own men (we can do it without you )those words became stronger and has got so much attention that women began degrading men subconsciously sending them actual feed attracting that very thing and now see how many men who are fully capable of consistent work have no job at all or off on drugs jail whatever the case and truth be told most ppl in jail belong in real rehabilitation centers and most men need a real psychological assessment and a real family tree awareness session. The scales clearly show us that men women black white whatever color I don’t care ; the matter is some people think they are independent which is an error all have had. no one soul today is independent. Women want to be cared for and men want to provide although egos have entered mixed messages. Now the world is confused and stuck in debates of this and that. At the end of the day God will have his way. No if ands about it God wants a man to work hard and provide cause they can lift more and need the physical work to enhance internally as they need so desperately to find a core value within the gift of self-esteem along with other positive attributs .Women need proper protection and support and to be raising the kid’s they give birth to. It’s truly a beautiful thing “life”. Everyone should just relax and think positive our thoughts are manifested truly. All that happens will be in favor of the good. Maybe at the time things feel no so great but the worse the pain the better your gain just stay true to god. Life is all good.

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    CHANTELLE says:


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    Tara says:

    Meaghan walker I love her . She is beautiful outside but more beautiful inside . Love love love

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