03.17.2018 08:47 AM

This all could have been avoided

It makes me so bloody mad.


Of the 1,637 Ontario voters surveyed online between March 12 and 14, Campaign Research found that 43 per cent of decided voters intended to support the Progressive Conservatives in the June election, 27 per cent backed the Liberals, and 23 per cent supported the NDP.

Premier Kathleen Wynne’s net approval rating was found to have dropped, with almost 70 per cent stating they disapproved of her, and only 19 per cent approving of her.

When you put yourself ahead of the party – when you start to believe you are the party – you end up paying a steep, steep price.

I’m told there are more Campaign Research results coming shortly – showing that the Ontario Liberal leader is pulling down the Ontario Liberal number.

This all could have been avoided.


  1. Matt says:

    Brian Lilley is reporting Wynne told a group of students at Humber College they better get out and vote if they don’t want old white people to decide the election.


    She may have been trying to be light hearted, but the Premier of the province shouldn’t be saying shit like that, even in an attempt at humour.

  2. Brian says:

    Why would Wynne tell young people not to listen to those who most want them to succeed. Isn’t it their parents generation that is fighting for them to be successful?

    • Matt says:

      “Don’t let old white people decide the election. Go out and vote for me, Kathleen Wynne, an old white person!”

  3. Houland Wolfe says:

    Perhaps the Libs should follow the PC lead – get rid of the leader and stage a short leadership race. It worked for the Cons.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      The Wynne Liberals are far too disciplined to entertain that type of reality. No wonder Warren is pissed. They are prepared to go down… but let’s face it, they’ve been in power far too long. Not healthy for democratic renewal. (Warren won’t necessarily agree with that last point.)

  4. p bre says:

    it is selfish , Dalton put party ahead if himself, this person , did not , has not ..even when many of her trusted colleagues knew to move on – she wants power at all costs – promised a balanced budget and is reneging by announcing a new day care plan to buy votes – disaster awaits – tories just need to lock ford in a room – if ndp gets any traction this could be awful

    • Pedant says:

      Quite the opposite of selfish. She knows the Liberals will lose regardless of leader. She’s taking the hit herself for the sake of the party and the new leader who will be select post-election.

  5. Terence Quinn says:

    I still think ford will self destruct in the fact of a concerted attack on his persona. He does not have thick skin and he does have baggage. My hope is a minority government of nay stripe while the parties straighten themselves out.

  6. Pedant says:

    I take a different view.

    The chances of the Liberals winning a 5th (!) term were slim to none to begin with. Premier Wynne is a smart woman and she obviously knows this.

    By fighting this election and taking the hit that would be coming anyway regardless of Liberal leader, she will allow the new Liberal leader post-election to start fresh.

    Btw, I had more or less the same analysis about Harper’s decision to fight the 2015 election. He never expected to win (certainly not a majority anyway) but would take the hit for the sake of the new leader post-election. He probably never imagined the Libs coming from 3rd place to majority, however.

  7. Matt says:

    You know, it’s funny.

    When someone see’s the results of a poll they don’t like and the poll used land lines thy’ll say “this company used land lines. Only geezers still have landline. Younger people use internet and cell phones. The results aren’t reliable”

    Then when aother company releases a poll that has results they don’t like that was done online it’s “Online polls are unreliable.”

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