03.09.2018 10:15 AM

This is brutal (updated)

But that photo they use on the bottom right? It isn’t Trudeau.

That media organization owes its readers, and Trudeau, an apology.

Link here.


  1. Pedant says:

    Indeed, that’s either a photoshopped image or someone entirely different. It was circulating the web as a meme of what T2 will wear on his next trip to Japan.

  2. Willie P says:

    “How can one not be fond of something that the Daily Mail despises?”
    ― Stephen Fry

  3. Peter says:

    “A world-class hugger”? “The Tragically Hip PM”? Not even Mercer could top those. Rule # 1–Don’t challenge the U.S. on strategic issues. Rule # 2- Don’t get into the crossfire of British humourists. I hope he redeems himself on free trade, but he may have to bring peace to the Middle East to bring the world around.

  4. AF says:

    why even post a link to that , it’s just toilette paper . Plus im really not sure why we are not talking about the HoC passes for Jaspal Atwal? or the recommendation letter by Gurmant Grewal? if we are so concerned by his political connection with one federal party why are we ingnoring the other?

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