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Column: faithlessness

Ah, ye little Faith.

Not that little, actually.  She’s tallish, slouching near the doors at Sun News Network, chain-smoking.  Smirking.

“Troll with a tan,” someone at the erstwhile network said about her. Uncharitably, but not inaccurately.  That indeed seemed to be the whole package: a suspiciously deep, orange-ish tan, and the sleeveless Fox News mien.  That’s it.

When she first appeared on Sun News, they’d hand her a microphone and tell her to go stand somewhere and pretend to be a reporter.  She’d slap on fake eyelashes the size of bats – and then she’d fire off words and sentences like a speed freak running an auction.  She was terrible.

In time, she’d slow down her delivery, reveal a bit more décolletage, and start sharing her views on-air.  Around the ill-fated right-wing network, it was pretty difficult to sound extreme: for many, fanaticism was the lingua franca.  But Faith Goldy – with figurative snakes slithering thorough her veins, and a clutch of metaphoric maggots in the spot where a heart should be – sounded extreme even to the extremists.

When Sun News slipped beneath the waves, however, no one was surprised to see her clutching at Ezra Levant’s dinghy, the S.S. Rebel.  The rightist trolls – living in their mom’s basement, pawing at their tiny gonads through their Avengers jammies as they eyeballed Faith’s clips on a continuous loop – loved her.  They positively ached for her. Faith was the one they wanted to marry, at a ceremony with lots of Wagner’s Rienzi, Die Meistersinger playing, and possibly an officiant from the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake.

But even as the rebels sought to curry favour with the so-called alt-Right, publishing columns titled “Ten Things I Hate About Jews” and doubting the Holocaust in commentaries, Faith Goldy went further.  She was more of a race-and-religion rebel than anyone at the Rebel.

The breaking point came in Charlottesville, which she was sent to cover for Ezra’s online lunatic asylum – where she’d be seen doing a stand-up not far from the woman who was mowed down by a white supremacist.  That terrible week, Faith appeared on the pro-Nazi Daily Stormer, opining that there was a need for a rise in “white racial consciousness.”  She also proclaimed that National Socialist types have “robust” and “well-thought-out” ideas on “the Jewish question.”  Levant, a Jew and no anti-Semite himself, finally fired her.

After that, Faith abandoned all pretense of restraint.  She was fully alone, piloting in dark, dark waters.

She started reciting The Fourteen Words, the credo of neo-Nazi terrorists in the Order – “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”  She went on someone’s show to promote a book about “the Jewish menace” – a book which calls for “putting an end to their unnatural, parasitic existence.”  She advocated for pedophile Milos Yiannopoulos, simply because she was encouraged by his brand of foul racism.  She tweeted “the future is Far Right.”  David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, took notice and commenced cheerily retweeting her stuff.  So did other lowlifes.

So, is Faith Goldy a neo-Nazi?  Who knows.  She certainly counts many Hitlerites among her friends and followers, doesn’t she?

Which naturally leads us to another question, one more relevant:  is Faith Goldy someone with whom Canadian political leaders should be seen?

Because they were, they were.  Lots of Conservative MPs – mainly male ones – scurried to get themselves photographed with Faith, for precisely the type of selfie about which they regularly criticize Justin Trudeau.

Faith’s biggest catch, in this regard, was one Andrew Scheer, aspirant to the Conservative throne.  At their February 2017 love-in, Faith pronounced that she was “so honoured and so blessed” to be elbow-to-elbow with Scheer, and the two chatted amiably about free speech (all for it), parental leave (for), and property rights (ditto).  At one point, Scheer suggested the two of them go duck hunting together.


Scheer gave at least two other interviews to Goldy’s Rebel network.  The fact that his campaign guru helped to found The Rebel may have had something to do with that.  Who knows.

But it is his congenial relationship with the vile, rebarbative Faith Goldy – and that of his fellow Conservative caucus members – that is likely to come back and haunt him.  What, in the immortal words of Jay Leno, was he thinking?  Is it ever wise to get chummy with a white supremacist, as Faith Goldy indisputably is?

No, it’s not.  And Andrew Scheer will be hearing and seeing more about Faith Goldy and her ilk, as his party edges ever-closer to an election.


  1. Pierre D. says:

    There is a part of the CPC base that is really reactionary and that thinks that being a white Canadian is a badge of honour, let’s say. Scheer needs these people to get elected because, let’s be honest, progressives are never going to vote for him.

    The Liberals have been playing nice so far, but it might be good and time for them to ask some hard questions about why everyone from Scheer to Rempel has been seen posing with Rebel Media, why Scheer was interviewed by Goldy several times, and, more importantly, whether he and the CPC disavow all ties to white nationalism and racism of all kinds.

    The mainstream media isn’t going to do this, so the LPC might as well get started.

    • Matt says:

      Yeah, because Trudeau has never held meetings, often secret meetings with controversial people.

      Sure the Liberals will try to score points with this but I got a feeling more Canadians will care about the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, oh sorry – irregular arrivals – streaming across the border (another 3000+ in Jan and Feb 2018), Trudeau’s plan to welcome back Canadian ISIS fighters, his total lack of action on Kinder Morgan, his and his ministers inability to answer even the most basic questions on major policies like the carbon tax and marijuana “legalization”, the absolute cluster f–k that is the MMIWG inquiry, dozens of major positions within governmet that are still vacant ect, ect. The list goes on and on.

  2. Kevyn Nightingale says:

    I think what’s important is the chronology, which isn’t clear from the post. The Scheer interview took place February 2017. You can’t fault him for reaching a natural voting block through the Rebel (as you say, run by a Jew, and not an anti-Semite).

    Charlottesville, where Faith became untouchable, was August 11.

    • Matt says:

      But Goldy does have a history of often inaccurate sensationalism.

      Like she has claimed, multiple times over the years that the Trudeau government was allowing Muslims to get firearms licences (PALs) without needing to get their picture on the licence card. She went on to suggest those who had evil intentions would pass the pictureless PAL around so they could buy up guns to committ terrorist acts in Canada.

      She made it sound as though Trudeau made this accommodation specifically for Muslims.

      That simply isn’t true. There is a religious exemption for government photo ID that has been in place for decades. And it was put there to for, if I remember correctly, the Hutterites, a Christian group.

      • Fargey says:

        Sorry, not a fan of FG but if you’re going to talk about
        Inaccuracies you should try to have your facts straight. Supreme Court ruled against the Hutterites in 2009

        • Matt says:

          SCC ruling was specific to a challange of an updated Alberta law requiring photo’s on driver’s licenses. All other governmet ID don’t require Hutterites to have photos.

  3. the salamander horde says:

    .. this may be
    your finest short form work ..
    Its asskicking ripping ..

  4. Gyor says:

    I don’t care about Faith Goldy, but I’m horrified by the way my fellows on the left have treated Lindsay Shephard for standing up for free speech and the importance if honesty and naunce.

  5. Christine Matthews says:

    and Hamish Marshall.

  6. Lyndon Dunkley says:

    I wonder about this Liberal “Rebel Strategy”. Those who understand/are aware of the rather obscure issue are probably highly partisan and unlikely to be swayed by it, be them left or right. Those who are unaware but curious might go check out the Rebel and find there is some content they agree with, especially if they are part of the “tired of being hectored at about white privilege and assumed Canadian racism” crowd. And rightly or wrongly, the size of this particular crowd in Canada right now is not insignificant. None of the above excuses Goldy for her absurd turn to the ultra-right – I just think Butts et al better have significantly more in the hopper than some obscure campaign manager/fired reporter/conservative website associations.

    Also “Ten Things I Hate About Jews” is likely the least anti-Semitic thing one could find on the internet that has hate and Jew in its title. Unfunny, very poorly titled and a little difficult to endure with five minutes of sweaty, drunk Gavin Mcinnis but not really red meat for the Alt-Right crowd as it has been portrayed.

  7. Pedant says:

    Wasn’t the “Ten Things I Hate About Jews” thing tongue-in-cheek? In bad taste, sure, but hardly the stuff of Goebbels and Eichmann.

    Did Scheer specifically seek out Faith Goldy, or was he simply booked for an interview on Rebel and the network paired him with Goldy? I personally think it will be difficult to tar the smiling, mild-mannered, somewhat goofy Scheer as a white supremacist.

    I see Rebel as a kind of right-wing counterpart to hard-left media such as Toronto’s NOW magazine. A bit outside the mainstream, to be sure.

  8. Keith McIntosh says:

    Warren, (Issue with the Captcha – This might be a duplicate)

    Over the years, I’ve clicked on to your website and twitter page to view a situation from a liberal point of view. Occasionally, I observe mindless talking points, devoid of critical thought, however, on some issues, you add context to a topic that I hadn’t considered….so overall, a worthwhile exercise.

    Your hatred of all things Rebel falls into the category of mindless talking points. The infamously titled video, ‘The 10 things I hate about Jews’ was a satire video, done by Gavin McInnes at the conclusion of his trip to Israel. The ‘Joke’ is that the title might suggest a list of ‘Nazi’ talking points, when, in fact, the list contained innocuous items such as traffic, spitting when talking and sharing food at mealtimes.

    The video was mildly amusing (not his funniest work), however, the title took on a life of its own. It is now used as a hammer to slam The Rebel, and often, the person making the anti-Rebel attack is completely ignorant as to the irony of their argument in deriding an organization as anti-semitic that is composed of at least 50% Jews.

    Therefore…..by all means be critical of The Rebel, but please, take the time to honestly criticize specific points that are disagreeable, as opposed to the name-calling, smearing, snarky, lazy, weak-minded arguments that are prevalent in the media today.


    Keith A. McIntosh

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