, 04.12.2018 02:14 PM

KINSELLACAST: MMIWG scandal, the Queens of the Spin Age, lousy audio and new Hot Nasties track!


  1. From least to most serious

    Re: Impeachment, Clinton was impeached and finished his term and Nixon was not impeached but resigned. So if Trump is impeached, like what are you expecting to happen there? He’s not going to resign. Is this all a bit of smoke and mirrors until Elizabeth Warren, Bob Igor, Bloomberg and Colbert start their primary runs in which the Democrats can start to stand for something coherent?

    Re: The Budget. Why isn’t the budget an interactive document that any citizen can read and manipulate. For example, change the tax rate in real time to see how that would effect funding for all areas. It would be helpful for people who don’t really get how budgets work. Anyone else agree that it would be helpful tool.

    Re: Sexual misconduct in the work place is so ridiculous. What is wrong with these (mostly male) humans? It’s just odd. But also, how can the legal system be updated to appropriately address this type of misconduct? Should there are body cams or something that women can wear or men can wear if they think they are entering a danger zone? Due process for the accused is also important here. I don’t think it is fair to end a person’s careers based on a claim that is click-worthy and a juicy. It is brave to come forward as a victim but it can’t universally be the case that sexual harassment just by coming forward, right? There is such a thing is misinterpreting in some rare cases. It’s a tough problem.

    Re: The Inquiry; $2200 per hour is a serious problem. Does Trudeau know about this hourly rate? You’ve identified the issue; now how do we channel it to effect change? A viral campaign, YouTube video? It’s a funding problem isn’t it….. Unless this podcast is SERIAL, the message won’t be spread too far.

  2. Jonathan Giggs says:

    Michael Harris (MPP Kitchener-Conestoga) is NOT the son of Ontario’s 22nd Premier, although Mike Harris Jr. is/was considering being PC candidate for Waterloo.

    I was waiting for the correction that never came.

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