, 04.04.2018 03:14 PM

SFH: come hang out with us and win

Look, none of us are as young as we used to be.

We don’t hang out in noisy, seedy bars like we used to. We go to bed earlier than we used to. We worry about getting stabbed in a booze-fuelled argument.

SFH gets that. We’re old too. As Maximum Rock’n’Roll and others have noted, we’re Canada’s best-loved geriatric punk combo.

None of us hang out in seedy bars as much as we used to. All of us get tired a lot sooner than we’d like. None of us are into being stabbed, to be candid.

But come to this gig. It is going to be (a) early enough for you to get to bed at a reasonable hour (b) fun. Lots of fun.

And get this: the first twenty folks can get SFH’s critically-acclaimed Kinda Sucks LP and my Recipe for Hate book for just ten bucks. Ten bucks! And the band may even buy you a drink.

Come. Us, Mr. Pharmacist. You can’t lose.

And you won’t get stabbed.

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  1. Robert White says:

    “And you won’t get stabbed.”?

    The last bar I visited in Toronto was the Gas Works on Young Street in the 1980s, and we got bounced because of an obnoxious individual at our table. The thought of getting stabbed whilst visiting the BIG smoke to see a geriatric Punk band is not really incentivizing IMO even though the written guarantee would likely be sufficient if one did get stabbed, eh.

    But your worship Mr. Kinsella said I would not get stabbed if I attended. He even wrote that guarantee in the promotional ad on the website, your worship. I think it’s only reasonable that you rule in my favor, your worship.


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