, 04.22.2018 09:15 AM

The week in the Twitter sewer

I am active on Twitter. I admit it.

Some people apparently read me on Twitter, too, and I (mostly) enjoy interacting with them. Here’s what the last week has been like. Lots of interaction.

A “reach” of over five million. I don’t know what that means, exactly, but I know this: me and others are clearly drawn to Twitter.

But I’m repulsed by it, too. Perhaps you are, as well. Because, you know, Twitter is also often terrible.

Its creator, Jack Dorsey, has a more benign take on President Pisstape’s preferred platform, naturally. Speaking of Twitter’s beginnings, Dorsey says “we came across the word ‘twitter’, and it was just perfect. The definition was ‘a short burst of inconsequential information,’ and ‘chirps from birds’. And that’s exactly what the product was.”

Well, no.

In my experience – and in the experience of not a few others – Twitter is often anything but inconsequential. It is the place where neo-Nazis and white supremacists go to spew hate and frighten minorities. It is where misogynists come to threaten and demean women – with dark promises of rape and murder and blackmail. It is where the mob is, most days, digitized torches and pitchforks at the ready.

Facebook is for falsification. Twitter is for defamation.

Case in point: a proud Beaches-area neo-Nazi named James Sears publishes a “newspaper” against which we have been doing battle for years. We have had some successes, but we aren’t nearly done yet.

Sears also has a Twitter account, under the name “Dimitri the Lover.” He fancies himself one – although the law sees him differently, having charged him in the past for sexually assaulting women.

I block Sears’ Twitter account, but I also periodically scan it for material that may be useful in the five legal actions we’ve initiated against him and his Hitlerite winged monkeys (two criminal, two civil and one administrative). A few weeks ago, I found a Sears tweet that contained the foulest expressions of anti-Semitism and race hatred. I won’t reprise it here.

I reported it to Twitter, however. I pointed out – yet again – that they had become a willfully-blind accomplice to the dissemination of Naziism. I demanded they remove it. They speedily acknowledged receiving my complaint.

This weekend, I finally received a brief notice from Twitter that they’d dealt with my complaint, here:

Wow. Had they finally kicked Sears off Twitter? Really? I went over to Sears’ account and this is what I found.

A birthday tribute to Adolf Hitler. Complete with swastikas, a declaration that the Holocaust was a hoax, and “Hitler was right.”

Twitter, with its “chirpy” name and “inconsequential” bits of information, is neither chirpy nor inconsequential. It is the haters’ village square. It is the place where subhumans like James Sears have found their voice. With impunity.

Dorsey shouldn’t have called it Twitter.

He should have called it Sewer, because that’s what it so often is.


  1. al zwikker says:

    Great article.

  2. Matt says:


    The good – It gives a voice to people who normally wouldn’t be heard.

    The bad – It gives a voice to people who normally wouldn’t be heard.

  3. Craig Carter-Edwards says:

    There were at least 30 Canadian-born citizens who had a front-row seat to the horrors of the Holocaust; 26 Airmen, 3 SOE agents (spies) and one MI9 agent who were all in Buchenwald Concentration Camp.

    The three SOE agents (Frank Pickersgill, Roméo Sabourin, Ken Macalister) were murdered in Buchenwald’s Execution Chamber before being burned in the camp’s ovens – ovens designed by the same firm that built the ovens at Auschwitz.

    The MI9 agent, George Rodrigues, died shortly after the camp’s liberation.

    Not only are the facts of the Holocaust and the Concentration Camps well documented and indisputable, but Canadians who joined the actual fight in defence of freedom AGAINST the Nazis bore direct witness to Hitler’s inhumanity.

    Hate-mongers like Sears shame the memory of actual patriots who made actual sacrifices on behalf of our country and our ideals.

  4. Patrick says:

    The saying “fountain of knowledge” is often used to describe intellectually curious people – folks more concerned with knowledge than talking points –

    For all the potential and emancipating qualities of social media – it’s sad that the forum has become a fountain of bullshit, self-adulation, and flat out lying.

  5. Patrick says:

    Twitter has become a shit fountain –

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