04.23.2018 02:46 PM

Today in Toronto: nine dead

I was on the Yonge Line subway, heading North, when they came on to say we’d have to get off because of “police activity at Finch station.”

Now I know why. This is simply horrible.

Those poor people.



  1. Matt says:

    Although no public confirmation as of yet I’ve been told it was a deliberate act and the suspect is known to police.

  2. Matt says:

    Police confirm 9 dead 16 injured.

    Sunnybrook Hospital took in 8 of the injured.

    1 died, 5 critical, 1 serious, 1 fair.

  3. Joe H says:

    This is horrible news and so close to home. I have no words except how sad I feel for the families of those impacted.

  4. Eric Weiss says:

    If it was a terror attack, and I’m not suggesting it was until there’s evidence saying it was, then we as a people need to show the terrorists we won’t let it stop us from living our lives.

    I was working in London during the subway bombings in 2005. One of them was close enough we heard the bomb go off. The first thing my co-workers and I did when we heard it was a terrorist attack was go to the pub after work like we always did. It was our own small show of defience to the terrorists that we weren’t afraid. Canadians need to show that same stiff upper lip.

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