05.23.2018 08:15 AM

Also not The Onion


  1. Adam says:

    Re the quotation marks around “Premier” — are you implying he’s illegitimate because he’s part of the NDP, or just because the coalition with the Greens got in the way of the BC Liberals’ “natural governing” power?

    • Warren says:

      I’m stating, not just implying, that he represents no one other than three Green Party members. I despise him.

      A smart, principled, fair-minded New Democrat, meanwhile, is seen in the form of Rachel Notley.

    • The Doctor says:

      Whether he’s legitimate or illegitimate, he’s a stinking, opportunistic hypocrite.

      Same goes for all the anti-pipeline protestors IMO. If they really hate oil that much, why aren’t they blocking highways? Setting people’s cars on fire? Blockading gas stations? You know why? Because that would be really really unpopular. Fact is, they’re cowards, going after pipelines because they’re perceived as an easy target that won’t make protestors particularly unpopular.

      • Doug Brown says:

        American NGO’s only pay them to organize blockades against pipeline construction for the very reason you cited.

        Question: If someone from the USA, say an organized from an unnamed NGO, violates the restraining order around the KM construction site, could they be deported and banned from re-entry? It would be a criminal offense after all.

      • doconnor says:

        Yes it would make more sense if they where blocking coal generating plants.

        If we where serious about reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as an expensive source of oil, economcs would dictate the oilsands would be the next to go after coal.

  2. Luke says:

    I think Rachel Notley is being pretty fair and forthright about this issue. I understand BC’s reservations, but to me one side looks to be mature and stately, and it isn’t BC.

    I predict that she secures another majority government. Jason Kenney is yesterday’s politician and wants to fight with Ottawa even though the feds are clearly allied with Alberta. I don’t think Albertans are going to find that prospect particularly appealing, especially when they have a premier who is tirelessly advocating for the province.

    • Chris says:

      You are probably commenting from another part of the country and are not in tune with Alberta’s political goings-on. Notley and the NDP are consistently polling as far behind the Kenney’s Conservatives as Wynne is behind Ford. Over a hundred thousand oilpatch jobs were obliterated by the world oil price rout of 2014 and very few of them have returned, even though the price has recovered. Very little exploration and expansion work has taken place since then. Notley and the NDP have put into place policies that have exacerbated this decline (royalty review, carbon tax, increased corporate tax, increased environmental red tape.) Only on this pipeline issue has she finally found a place in her heart for the energy industry that employs 10% of Albertans and makes up more than 20% of Alberta’s total economy. She has had to because she is smart and can read polls just as well as Kathleen Wynne can. Miss Notley knows that she is going to lose next year’s election (unless some crazy Brown-like event occurs.) The Ontario Liberals and the Alberta NDP are/were in the same position a year out from the next election with one notable exception. Miss Notley is personally appealing, smart, and respected by all but the most strident partisans. Her party, however, is actively making life worse for anyone not publicly employed.

  3. DRB says:

    Reminds me of the American government’s logic re: Ali and Vietnam as articulated by George Carlin “If you won;t go and kill them, we won’t let you beat them up.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9kTAz-cc0Q

  4. Doug Brown says:

    Notley is the only good thing about the AB government. Despite its handling of pipelines, the AB NDP has failed on numerous other issues, mainly a credible plan to reduce the deficit. Sure it inherited a runaway spending machine, but it couldn’t take even the smallest step of implementing a hiring freeze. AB has a massive overspending problem and I have yet to hear an argument why it needs to so vastly outspend provinces like BC and ON on a per capita basis.

    Jason Kenney is a skilled politician. He knows Notley is personally popular in spite of her party. He has consequently focused his wrath on Trudeau.

    Outside the Edmonton bubble, the NDP will lose and lose big.

    • Fred from BC says:

      “Outside the Edmonton bubble, the NDP will lose and lose big.”

      Exactly. They are only in power as the result of a protest vote against the previous government.

  5. whyshouldIsellyourwheat says:

    BC exports transshipped US coal, and is increasing its capacity to do so.

    BC still dumps raw sewage into “their” pristine ocean.

    BC, thy name is “Hypocracy”

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