05.27.2018 09:35 AM

People who look down on other people end up being not looked up to


  1. Derek Pearce says:

    On the other hand, the PCs must be shutting themselves scared if they’re desparate enough to try this shit.

  2. Steve T says:


    Every politicians wants to be the friend of the middle class; of Joe and Jane Frontporch, as you often say. So what do you think resonates more with the middle class voter? Reduced prices on something they enjoy regularly, or taxpayer-subsidized funding for artsy programs that typically appeal to the upper class and “self-employed” folks who depend on government handouts?

  3. Jack McLeod says:

    These are the same people that decried Alberta’s loosening of liquor, beer and wine sales allowing small and in many cases remote outlets the opportunity to profit from modest sales. The doomsday gloom that haunted these people never came to pass. Alberta never became a province of wanton drunks but carried on .

  4. Bill Templeman says:

    Have to disagree with you, Warren. Many of us drink beer, true. But all of us use health care. All of us pay taxes. Buck a Beer is like spending $ on cough drops instead of emergency surgery. I get your critique of snobbery. But Buck a Beer is the wrong priority.

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